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"This is our most beautiful little trophy" - Stefan Edberg on his daughter Emilie's birth. Read the article

Stefan and Annette will get married next April 18th

from Hola
by Marit Larson
Translated into English by Mauro Cappiello

Stefan Edberg and Annette Olsen

All is ready for the next April 18th when Stefan Edberg, the world tennis number one, and the beautiful model with Danish origins Annette Olsen will become husband and wife, as they both announced, even though, on the other hand, they didn't want to give too many details of what the wedding will be like. The ceremony will take place in the cathedral of Växjö (Sweden) and afterwards the wedding dinner will be held at the Teleborg castle, in the same city.

Annette, 27, acquired the Swedish nationality in 1975 and was at school with Mats Wilander, with which she was engaged for some time later. Before becoming a listed model, Annette worked in a pizzeria until she got tired of hearing customers came to the local just because "Wilander's girlfriend served the dinner". It was right through Mats that Stefan came to know the one that will soon be his wife. She, after quitting her work at the pizzeria, moved to Stockholm, where she worked as a secretary for a newspaper, before starting to work as a model.

Those who know Annette Olsen well say that she is a quite shy, very familiar girl, who likes cooking. Stefan Edberg, who had to spend last month in Sweden without taking part in any tournament because of injury, acknowledged he is «a lucky man both in love and play».When, in 1990, he conquered the prestigious Wimbledon title for the second time, Annette was at his side. And, right in those moments, the beautiful model was having problems with the British Immigration Department, that were solved later. When in Wimbledon they asked Edberg if he was going to marry Annette, he replied with a smile: «Maybe so, maybe not». And then he kissed her girlfriend warmly. «We'll see when, if at the end we get married».

The daisy is now leafless, after several years of engagement. At the start Stefan and Annette think they will live between Stockholm, London - where the famous tennis player has a wonderful apartment - and French Provence, where he also has a house. Växjö, the Swedish town chosen for the marriage, is actually the place where Annette used to live with her family before moving to Stockholm for work. Other details known of the marriage are that invitations have been sent for more than six hundred persons, among which Mats Wilander, who, as it's known, after his engagement with Annette, got married but that didn't last long, as he recently split from his wife, Sonia.

In this reportage we present some images of Annette Olsen, posing, as the listed model she is, with various outfits, among which a wedding dress. The fiction will turn into reality next spring.

Stefan and Annette will get married next April 18th


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