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"This is our most beautiful little trophy" - Stefan Edberg on his daughter Emilie's birth. Read the article


This section is dedicated to all the fans who are behind the site and/or helped it grow in some way through the years

Mauro Cappiello
Edberg fan since 1991, founder and admin of STE...fans since 2001. I spent the best moments of my childhood and teenage in front of a tv screen watching the action of one of the greatest athletes in the sports history. When he retired I couldn't imagine it was not the end, but the beginning of a new story that started a few years later with an internet connection and a basic course of html. Browsing tennis groups in the early age of the web, I decided that I would create my own website with two aims: put all the old fans together and pass Edberg's message of class and fair play to the new generations, who were not lucky enough to watch him play.
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Muriel LZ
"Devoted tennis fan since a long time, I once watched Stefan playing on grass at the Australian Open in 1987 and the rest is history. I can’t thank him enough for making me love tennis so much. Watching him playing has always been a great experience and being able to meet him was the cherry on the cake. He’s probably the main reason why I’m still involved in that sport nowadays".

Muriel takes care of the Facebook page, translates articles from French and German, regularly scans the web for news and pictures, provides exclusive videos, photos and reports from tournaments. In September 2008, she gave Stefan a scrapbook with a selection of messages from our guestbook after the final of the Lagardère Trophy in Paris.
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Thomas Meyer
"The first Edberg match I saw was the Wimbledon final of 1988. I was amazed by his volleys. The years went by and I became a bigger and bigger fan. Staying up all night to watch him, making bets with my school mates, playing tennis on my own and trying to play a bit like him, but most of all I put nearly all my money in the best VHS I could get to record all I can. It's his beautiful textbook like serve and volley tennis that I still admire, a tennis that we'll very likely never see again".

Thomas made his amazing Stefan Edberg 457 DVD collection available on our site. Purchase his videos or swap them with some of yours, contacting him through our contact form and selecting the "Buy videos" option in the drop-down menu. In the message, indicate the name of the list, the code(s) and the match(es) you're interested in.
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Laurie White
"I'm currently studying veterinary nursing in Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA, where I live with four cats. I have been an Edberg fan since 1988 and in addition to seeing the master play live a few times during his career I have accumulated numerous photos and articles that I will try to share periodically as time permits".

Laurie had the privilege to be in the crowd at Stefan Edberg's last match in Stockholm in 1996. She has shared with the site a wonderful set of pictures taken live and collected at several tournaments in different times of Stefan's career and post-career.
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