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"My serve has always been the key to my game, and last year it did not work as it should have, so I decided to take care of it. I wanted to find the fluency of action and impact that I need, and now it is much better than two months ago. I think I'm on the right way" - Stefan Edberg after winning Doha at the start of 1994. Read the interview

Stefan as time goes by - by Mei-Ling Liu -

My friend and die-hard Edberg fan Mei-Ling used to run a website called "The Stefan Edberg Column"  that kept fans informed on our idol about ten years ago, right in STE...fans' early age.

The following article is taken from that page. Mei-Ling comments the evolution of Stefan's style and looks through the years with a set of pictures (some of them published on our website) taken in the period 1982-2001.

From the junior days to the Wimbledon glory up to his comeback to Sweden, after his retirement from professional tennis. (m.c.)


by Mei-Ling Liu

Stefan as time goes by - by Mei-Ling Liu -


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