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"To be number one in the world is unique and is probably my best memory. To be top five in the world ranking for nine years is also something I'm very happy with" - Stefan Edberg on his years at the top. Read the interview

Happy birthday, Stefan!!!

Stefan Edberg turns 47 today!!!

We want to celebrate his birthday with this image and the message that won our competition on the social networks.

Among the many posts we received through Facebook and Twitter, Paolo Tesei sent what we thought was the most deeply felt wish and we rewarded him "engraving" it in our Facebook page cover picture that we'll also keep on our website home page these days!

A special mention for our long-time friend Albert Murdiono, who named his son after Stefan, and sent a lovely picture of him, that we are sharing with his permission.

Please, keep sending your birthday wishes to Stefan through the comments and Facebook comments all day long... and more!

And here's the birthday video broadcast by Tele+2 exactly 18 years ago, when Stefan celebrated his 29th birthday in Australia, as he almost always did during his professional career.

Happy birthday, Stefan!!!



0 #16 Martina Frammartino 19.01.2013 @ 23:03
Stavolta non sono riuscita a scrivere nulla, pochi giorni fa ho finalmente potuto acquistare in inglese un libro di 900 pagine che conclude una storia che avevo iniziato a leggere vent'anni fa, quindi il mio tempo libero è quasi interamente assorbito dalla lettura. Però mi unisco anch'io agli auguri per un giocatore che è sempre stato capace di donarmi grandi emozioni, che mi ha fatta rimanere incantata davanti ai suoi gesti eleganti, che mi ha esaltata con le sue vittorie e che ho sempre apprezzato come persona ogni volta che il suo carattere è emerso da dietro la maschera dell'atleta.
Buon compleanno Stefan!
0 #15 Jonathan Fight 19.01.2013 @ 20:36
Happy Birthday Mr. Edberg. You have been the sweetest thing for me to believe in through the years. I haven't followed you quite as long as Sandeep Mohanty, however, I'm younger. I hope family life is rather well and I'm happy you play sports you love. I think I actually got into you becausI liked your name, strangely enough. Before the 1991 Wimbledon Semi-Finals, my dad was explaining what for men were left. I asked if that guy Ed was. He did mention somethin like yup.
0 #14 Erika Czerván 19.01.2013 @ 19:26
Happy Birthday!
+1 #13 Laurie White 19.01.2013 @ 17:13
Happy Birthday to Stefan Edberg, who will always be the epitome of style, class and grace both on the court and off.
0 #12 Marcus Grünendahl 19.01.2013 @ 15:59
Happy Birthday ! You are still the best Serve and Volley Player ever ... !!!
+1 #11 Joni Granwehr 19.01.2013 @ 11:23
Happy Birthday to the man who set the bar for class, style, grace, and serve-and-volley tennis! I enjoyed being your fan for many years!
0 #10 Tamali Kundu 19.01.2013 @ 11:20
Happy Birthday! May you always have the energy and love for life. For the best and special person ever, I wish the most memorable and happiest birthday for you...lots of love..
0 #9 Andreas Neskusyl 19.01.2013 @ 11:18
Happy Birthday!!
0 #8 Myroslav Paykush 19.01.2013 @ 11:17
JUst Happy Birthday))))ALL THE BEST
0 #7 Melva 19.01.2013 @ 11:16
We wish you good health, lots of happiness and many more birthdays to come.
Best Wishes

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