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"Annette gives me a feeling of safety. This is extremely important for a sensitive person like me" - Stefan Edberg on his wife Annette Olsen. Read the article

Site of the month award to STE...fans from Supernorman.com - Interview with Mauro Cappiello

In October 2002, after little more than a year of life, STE...fans was named site of the month by Supernorman.com, an international fan club dedicated to Magnus Norman. I was interviewed by Marnie Denison, the webmistress of the website, that was closed a couple of years later.

from Supernorman.com 
by Marnie Denison

Can you give a description of yourself?
My name is Mauro, I'm 23 years old and live in Italy. I'm originally  from Sorrento, a town on the West coast, near Neaples, but I currently  live in Rome, because of study. I'm a student in Mass Communication Sciences.

Why did you choose Stefan Edberg? Because his career is over. Is it to honour him?
I've always been a huge Stefan Edberg fan. It was Stefan who drove me to like the game, when I was just a kid, at 12. I admired his class in and off the court, his fairplay, I liked him as a person, not just as a tennis player. I don't think there are many more like him left in today's world, especially at that level of success. I believe Stefan affected my way of behaving in life and he was the best role model I could ever have in my teen-age. As soon as I had the Internet and learnt something about building web-sites, it was only natural that I would dedicate my site to him not just to honour him, after his retirement, but also to keep a place alive where fans could still celebrate that great person Stefan is.

Have you already met Stefan? If yes, explain to us a little!
The big regret I have is I never met Stefan. When he was playing, I was a teen ager and Rome was the closest place to my home town with a big tennis tournament. But it was still too far for my parents to let me go. So, I never met him and the only memory I have of him is in pictures, videos and interviews. But I still have hope to watch an exhibition, you never know...

What software do you use?
I use Microsoft Front Page and enrich my site with some free java scripts found on the Internet.

What is your aim for your website?
When I first thought of building a site for Stefan Edberg, I decided to call it STE...fans, to mean it was not a page of statistics and facts, but a place for sharing stuff of all kinds on Stefan Edberg. Indeed, many persons have contributed and are contributing to build the site with their own articles, pictures, news, videos, stories and so on. My aim was to create a little community. After little more than a year, I can say I'm pretty satisfied with the results.

What is the key point of your website?
I believe the thing that most attracts the fans to my site is the incredible amount of pictures of Edberg they can find there. They are always asking me to put on some more or contribute with some of theirs. I would like all of the fans who pass on my site to leave their trace somehow, either in the guestbook or in a story of their Edberg experience sent right to my e-mail address. Unfortunately, this doesn't always happen.

What is the most important in a website?
No doubt the most important point in a web-site is usability. The visitors must feel they are in a comfortable place where they would come back and enjoy. Another big point is interactivity: paying attention to the visitors' requests, asking their opinions, receiving feedback. By the way, I take this occasion to announce all the STE...fans I'll soon start working to a new both more usable and interactive, besides than more graphically attractive, edition of the site.

What do you think of the IFMN?
Well, it's a wonderful site for a very unlucky player who is struggling at the moment, but will surely return to his best very soon. I like the fact that most of the information is available in several languages and you, Marnie, know very well how the Internet works, 'cause you've created a very enjoyable community.

Site of the month award to STE...fans from Supernorman.com - Interview with Mauro Cappiello


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