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"I didn't think about last year's Wimbledon final, but about the one at the 1987 Australian Open, when I won at the fifth against Cash. My fortune was the break I did straightaway in the fifth set" - Stefan Edberg on his five set win against Boris Becker in the 1989 French Open semifinal. Read the article

Edberg defeated Wilander: "He learned from Federer"

from Eurosport.se
by Lennart Sandahl
translated into English by Mauro Cappiello

The senior tournament Kings of Tennis is being played in Stockholm this week.

And the big highlight so far was held on Thursday when two of Sweden's most successful players ever met again.

But there was never any doubt about who would win.

Stefan Edberg, who recently extended his coaching agreement with Roger Federer, proved to be in far too good physical shape for Mats Wilander.

The match ended with a 6-1, 6-1 win for Edberg and it was a humble Wilander who praised his opponent.

- When he moves so well like today and has such a good ball striking, you get almost panic attacks. Then one thinks he'll miss on his weak side - which has suddenly become his strength - the forehand. And then it's even more difficult, says Wilander jokingly in the interview, according to SportExpressen.se.

Wilander praised Edberg's serve, which he believes developed through training with the Swiss superstar.

- I had to stand out on the right when he sliced his serve - and when he hit it in the middle. There is much he has learned from Roger Federer - I can tell, he says.

Edberg agreed that the training had an effect.

- I have been fortunate to hit with him now and then. It provides an incredible amount of how hard they hit. And it's much harder than I do, said Edberg.

Today it's time for the final between Stefan Edberg and the eight-year younger Thomas Enqvist.

Edberg defeated Wilander:

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