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"After winning Wimbledon, I admit that some things may change. But I will remain Swedish, and that nobody can change!" - Stefan Edberg on becoming a star. Read the article

Experts and former players about the Fedberg duo

edited by Mauro Cappiello

After some research over the web in the last few days, we've put together a collection of what some of the most authoritative tennis analysts and former players have said about the Federer-Edberg combination in recent times.

The quotes you can read in this article should give a pretty comprehensive outline of the contribution Stefan Edberg has given to the development of Roger Federer's game throughro their collaboration.


"Stefan Edberg has helped Roger Federer regain the mental strength" - Goran Ivanisevic

"He [Federer] believes in coming in a little bit and it's not on a wing and a prayer. He is looking for the moment, but still doesn't do it enough for me" - Tony Pickard

"The biggest he has done is to be at Federer's side and give him faith in his tennis" - Maria Strandlund Tomsvik (former Swedish player)

"Stefan Edberg has had a huge impact. As soon as Federer brought him on, it was a new beginning. Edberg was one of the great serve-and-volley players of all time, and he constantly has Federer thinking about closing in and finishing off points at the net" - Brad Gilbert

"The fact he's appointed Stefan Edberg as part of his team means he wants to get the best out of himself" - Darren Cahill

"Stefan Edberg is helping Roger Federer in gaining confidence at the net and covering the court better" - Mats Wilander

"One thing Edberg has really helped Federer with is taking the ball on the rise on the backhand" - Jeff Tarango on BBC Wimbledon

"Edberg has flattened out Roger's backhand" - Richard Krajicek

"It appears that whatever he and coach Stefan Edberg have been talking about has had an effect. Edberg was an attacking player - a serve-volleyer who liked to put pressure on you - and his approach seems to have rubbed off on Roger" - John McEnroe

"Edberg/Federer, I don’t know how anybody can tell Roger Federer what to do. He has a great game. If there is a problem with Federer, it’s the fact he just isn’t consistent day in, day out. He’s got the game. We’ve seen it. He can beat all the top players. But I think it’s more the motivation, to stay in there, to hang in there, to close matches, to be sharp every single day. I’m not quite sure that is something that can be achieved when you have played as many matches as Federer has. I like all the combos. The women’s also" - Chris Evert

"I have been impressed by the changes made to Federer’s game, and Stefan Edberg [his coach] has had a positive impact. He has to get to the net as much as he can" - Nick Bollettieri

"Stefan is someone he [Federer] had long admired and Edberg’s presence is both an inspiration and a comfort to Roger’s finest sensibilities. Roger has always sought in his career a balance—in his devotion to his craft, his family life, his scheduling. He has been far more successful than most in getting all that right and staying whole, on and off the court. He chose Edberg for all those same qualities" - Mary Carillo

"Both coaches did great jobs for both players. Stefan Edberg helped Federer because he was was chipping and charging and serving and volleying and Boris helped Novak deal with the big points" - Jimmy Connors

"3 big reasons why Fedfan playing so well at the start of the season 1st the new stick 2 Edberg factor enjoying so much more 3rd movement" - Brad Gilbert on Twitter

"I don’t think they’re going to focus too much on serve and volley. I think they’re going to mix it up at times. But what Stefan was so good at and what Roger can learn from, is that he was so focused on every volley, even the easiest one, his feet were going like this (fluttering, small steps) and he made sure he was not making errors. Roger’s got great technique but he’s sometimes a bit sloppy in his volley, a little casual is maybe the right word. And also to move in after the shot, he hasn’t done that because he didn’t really need it before, but to do that I think he needs to be a little faster coming in behind his shots so he can actually be inside the service line to hit that first volley, because if he’s going to be too far back, Rafa is going to eat him up" - Jonas Bjorkman

"I think it is a good move because I feel one area in Federer’s game that has not continued to improve is his volleys. In my opinion, Edberg was the best volleyer I have played with so; it is a great move" - Pat Cash

"Edberg won the first lesson. Federer goes to the net more often" - Vincenzo Martucci on Twitter

"This is a really good thing for Edberg. He lives in a small Swedish town with 4000 people in it. There are three times as many in this court" - John McEnroe

"Both Edberg and Becker have encouraged their charges to come forward wherever possible. As two of the greatest volleyers in history, they know there is an element of the chess gambit to a net-rush. Even if you lose the point, you are still messing with your opponent's mind, and the benefits are often reapedhe later" - Simon Briggs

"Edberg has shown him how to volley into the right places so that you get the second volley you want. This relationship started out when they practised together and Roger said: “He always seems to be in the right place, always knows where my passing shot is going after the first volley" - Greg Rusedski

"I see [Roger] Federer playing extremely well. I believe that [Stefan] Edberg has been a major influence with him by moving him closer to the baseline and picking up the ball earlier. He's serving well, but for Roger to win another one? Come forward Roger, come forward. He's got the perfect coach to do that" - Nick Bollettieri

"The Edberg setup with Roger Federer is amazing. It shows that Federer still wants to improve and believes Stefan can bring something to his game. We’ve already seen a little bit of that as I think Federer has been more aggressive in getting to the net since the union started" - Mark Philippoussis

"I think Edberg’s had a positive effect, he’s looking to finish the points earlier at the net and it looks like his net game has improved. Before he never volleyed particularly well and now he’s understanding the net a little bit more and volleying a little bit better and that’s a good sign for him" - Tim Henman

"Federer took his skills and confidence to a new level in the forecourt with Edberg in his camp" - Christopher Clarey

"Stefan has been a great help, giving Roger a little more confidence at the net, and where to place your volleys. Federer looked to improve an under-used aspect of his game in order to prolong his record-breaking career" - Rod Laver

"Edberg coaching Federer? I can think of tougher jobs." - Andy Roddick

"Yes, Edberg might seem to have got Roger going forward to the net more, but I’m betting that Roger was the one who wanted to make that shift, and Edberg was the consultant whom he employed to help him with the detail." - Greg Rusedski

"When Roger started working with [coach Stefan] Edberg, I wondered myself, «Could he do this? Could he find the explosion at his age to attack the net?» It's taken a year, year and a half, but it's paying off [for Federer] -- he's volleying unbelievably well. Murray needs to take that approach." - John McEnroe

"[With Edberg] He’s making real adjustments and taking advantage of all the skills he has" - Patrick McEnroe

"Federer has always been one of the sport’s most creative champions, but he started to take more chances after hiring Stefan Edberg as his coach before the 2014 season. Only recently, though, has Federer learned how to make risky plays less risky." - Tom Perrotta

Experts and former players about the Fedberg duo

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