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"I've always been used to keeping it all inside but it was only tactics, because, as when you play poker, you have to show as little as possible to your opponent, you don't have to bring your weaknesses out and exploit his. For me, the perfect example of how to be on a tennis court is Chang" - Stefan Edberg on his on court attitude. Read the interview

Stefan Edberg presents a very special trophy...

by Mauro Cappiello

Last week-end, Stefan Edberg spent a couple of days at Algarve, one of the most touristic regions in Portugal, home of the Cascade Sports Academy where he is still the director of the tennis section.

His son Christopher played in the third edition of the Summer Night Tournament at the Portimão Tennis Club in the Under-18 category.

Christopher won the singles trophy in a three set final against local player Miguel Marreiros 6-3, 2-6, 6-3. The evening before, teaming with Alexandre Chaves, he had lost the doubles final to Ricardo and Miguel Marreiros.

According to the website of Portimão Tennis Club, Stefan made the delights of all the young players, taking part in the trophy presentations. So Christopher received his cup... from his father's hands!

We want to thank the staff at Portimão Tennis Club for sending the pictures below (by the way, Christopher is the blond guy).

The doubles draw

The singles draw


Stefan Edberg presents a very special trophy...


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