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"When I got my Wimbledon win I had to open the dance at the gala night. I'd rather serve three double faults in a row than do such a thing again." - Stefan Edberg about what he hates the most doing. Read the article

Federer: "I arrived in Melbourne with confidence"

from RTS.ch
by Stéphane Altyzer 
translated into English by Mauro Cappiello

The question on everyone's lips at the Australian Open is: "Can Roger Federer win an 18th Grand Slam title, two and a half years after his last consecration at Wimbledon?" The main interested, who owns a record of eleven (11!) semifinals in Melbourne, strongly believes he can.

Roger Federer talking to the media at the Australian Open

Wearing a bright yellow cap, Federer looked casual and relaxed Saturday before the media. Federer has addressed various topics with the calmness we have been used to.

Number 1 rank... why not

His goals in 2015: "If the World No. 1 spot is within my reach, I will try to reach it. But it's not something I really need. After the Australian Open we'll know more about my chances of achieving it. My priorities will be more accurately defined after the break I'll take in February. In the first 6 months, my 3 main targets are the Australian Open, Indian Wells and Wimbledon."

Wimbledon 2012, his last victory in a Major: "This goes back a long time? You can say that, even though in 2013 I knew I was not able to win one (note: due to back pain). It is important that I have done an excellent year in 2014. I was not that far from achieving this, including Wimbledon."

"More reassured than last year"

Does he reach the Australian Open in a better position than in 2014? "Yes things are more calm this year. Last year, there were a lot of question marks. New racket, new coach (note: Stefan Edberg), was my back pain just a bad memory? This year I arrived in Melbourne with confidence, and we know that it is important to win a tournament. I won in Brisbane last week, so I feel reassured about my form."

Always with Stefan Edberg: "It was discussed at the Masters in London. He made ​​the decision in 5 minutes and agreed for 2015. Stefan has also just arrived in Melbourne. I'm really glad he wished to continue this collaboration. He will be available for ten weeks and is very flexible. It is up to me to tell him when I want to have him with me. Anyway, there was always a lot of phone contact, he regularly gives me advice.

"The Davis Cup? Not so easy"

The first round of Davis Cup in March in Belgium: "I will probably decide after the Australian Open. We are currently discussing it with the captain (note: Severin LĂĽthi). It's not so easy to get back into the battle after winning the trophy..."

A possible Davis Cup quarter-final in a football stadium in Switzerland to beat the record of spectators: "I was a little surprised by the idea. A record? I am always cautious. Can you really sell 30,000 tickets in Switzerland for such a meeting? I do not know if it will work."no



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