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"It has been my choice, I just felt I should do it. And do you know why? I didn't want to stay all day on a court to hit balls" - Stefan Edberg on how he started playing serve and volley. Read the interview

Edberg: "Being Federer's idol speaks for his taste"

from Bluewin.ch
video interview by Olivier Borer for Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen
translated into English by Mauro Cappiello

Stefan Edberg gave one of his rare interviews in "Sport lounge" - alternating a little joke to a serious analysis.

Stefan Edberg during the SRF "Sport Lounge" interview

Stefan Edberg is a quiet, reserved person. That's why it was even more surprising that he just flashed his irony on television, on SRF, in one of his very rare interviews.

He spoke for almost ten minutes in the show "Sport Lounge" about his cooperation with Roger Federer.

The Swede laughs briefly, when interviewer Olivier Borer reminds him once more that Federer has always called him one of his greatest idols. "That's pretty amazing when you think that I once had Björn Borg as idol," he says. "And now I'm Federer's idol. That speaks for his taste."

Both laugh because the last remark was obviously not meant very seriously.

The great strength of switching on and off

We had heard many of the statements made by Edberg before in a similar form. But there are also some new ones.

Interestingly, the 49-year-old talks about an aspect of Federer's mental abilities. "In order to succeed in tennis, you do not always play tennis. It is a 24-hour job. That includes that you should be relaxed, if you are not working hard."

"Federer had to spend time with people, do something else to get away from tennis. He is great in switching on and off. Very focused. It is a great strength to be able to switch quickly from totally relaxed to focused. He needs two seconds. Pretty amazing, I think."

Edberg's advice to Federer is therefore mostly of a technical nature, he says. For tactics Severin Lüthi was the right man. "Mostly I focus on how he moves, how he plays, no matter against whom. You can always work on something."

There are also questions related to their relationship. "It's not always about tennis." For Edberg cooperation as a consultant and part-time coach, which started in early 2014, is a great honor. "It's a unique opportunity in life to be part of the team of one of the greatest players ever to coach."

Although it is sometimes hard for him to sit in the box and to be able to do not much more than hope. He gets nervous every now and then. "Especially last year when I was with him for the first time here, it was sometimes very nerve-wracking."

Hope and fear so: Edberg takes part in the matches not differently from millions of Federer fans around the world.

Some quotes from the interview

On Wimbledon: "For me it's the most special tournament with the biggest tradition. It is wonderful to be a part of its history. And to come back here as a coach is wonderful. They treat you very well here as a former champion. I'm always very happy here."

On Federer's chances: "He is definitely one of the favorites. Federer has everything to win here. But he has to unwrap his best tennis. The last 2 rounds will be the most difficult. And he will need a bit of luck in each one of them."

On his commitment to Federer: "I was a bit surprised when I received the call. I never thought that I would come back again on the tour as a coach. I therefore needed a bit of time to think about that. After the training week in Dubai I realized that I still could do something for Roger."

On Boris Becker: "The rivalry between the two of us took place especially in the past on court. Today we are the coaches and Federer and Djokovic the rivals. It was funny, when we were both sitting in the box of Wimbledon finalists a year ago as coaches. Who would have thought of it 20 years ago..."



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