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"I'm lost here! I came back this morning, and many things have changed since the last time I was here in 1996. I do not really recognize any of the stadiums. But I'm glad to be here" - Stefan Edberg about coming back to Melbourne, 18 years after his last appearance at the Australian Open as a player. Read the interview

Becker doesn't like Federer's sneaky attack

Asked by Sky Sports Uk, Boris Becker frankly showed he didn't appreciate Roger Federer's sneaky attack, the half-volley return the media have talked so much about during the North American summer swing.

"My generation would have hit him on first serve. If he would have played McEnroe, Lendl or Connors or even me, we would have said, Roger, in all honesty, I like you very much, one more time, I go straight at you. In my generation, guys wouldn’t have accepted as it is now. For sure."

UPDATE! (27.09.2015) Look at Boris Becker being swept away by John McEnroe's stormy net approaches against his serve in the third round of the 1992 Australian Open, where the German was defending champion. It was one of the last big displays from Big Mac and those attacks on returns can be considered a foretype of Federer's SABR. This compilation was assembled by Youtube user Wibo Plijnaar.

UPDATE! (11.09.2015) Sky Sports has made available an excerpt of the tv show with Boris Becker and Greg Rusedski in which the German criticizes Federer's attacking strategy on his opponent's serve. Also interesting to see a former offensive player like Greg Rusedski support Becker's view.

Watch the video here»
Becker doesn't like Federer's sneaky attack

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