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"I love this somewhat dry grass, with a higher bounce than at Wimbledon. It makes my serve more effective, and leaves me a little more time to play my shots" - Stefan Edberg about the Kooyong grasscourt, just after his second title at the Australian Open in 1987. Read the article

Federer: I don't see myself as a super coach

In a long interview in the Sky Sports Uk studio yesterday, Roger Federer said that, by now, he is not interested in following the footsteps of Stefan Edberg and start a career as a super coach, once he has quit professional tennis.

"I see myself more helping kids in Switzerland at the National Tennis Centre," he replied to Annabel Croft's question, adding that travelling the tour again would be unlikely for him, "even if 10-15-16 weeks per year are not that much."

"I don't think Edberg thought that as well, and then, 15 years later, I gave him a call and he said 'Why not...'," smiled Federer.

Roger also talked of his US Open memories, that, surprisingly, are not very early. He only remembers something of Stefan Edberg and Pat Rafter, while he can recall more clearly Martina Hingis, champion of the tournament in 1997. "We were both juniors at the time, but she was here winning and I was at home..."

Watch the entire interview in the video below.

Federer: I don't see myself as a super coach

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