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"Annette gives me a feeling of safety. This is extremely important for a sensitive person like me" - Stefan Edberg on his wife Annette Olsen. Read the article

Edberg tells about his influence on the SABR

Freelance journalist Catherine Whitaker, who’s been interviewing players at the US Open for British Eurosport, considers the one with Stefan Edberg the best interview she’s had in Flushing Meadows this year.

Unfortunately, we don’t have that interview to show you, but Whitaker talked about it during a Tennis Podcast from New York with her colleague David Law. The journalist asked Stefan (off records) about his influence on the SABR (Sneaky Attack By Roger), the aggressive half-volley return that Federer has been showing in the North American summer swing and that has been raising so much attention during the US Open.

In the audio excerpt from the Tennis Podcast below you can hear about Stefan’s answer and some interesting comments on why the partnership between him and Roger has been so successful so far. (mc)

Download the .mp3 file» (MB 3.05)

Edberg tells about his influence on the SABR


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