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"This is probably the best match I ever played. I'm even beginning to like New York, too" - Stefan Edberg after his first success at the US Open in 1991. Read the article

Roger Federer at 15-Love

Last Monday, Roger Federer was invited to answer a quick set of questions at the US Open funny show 15-Love.

The questions were ranging from his tennis habits to his private life and his tastes in music and tv.

But look at what Roger replied to question number 10, when he was asked about the best tennis match he has ever watched...

P.S. Federer's time was very poor and placed him at the bottom of the ranking made up by all the players interviewed by 15-Love, but the Swiss' fans will be happy to see that at least he ranked better than Rafael Nadal :-).

Roger Federer at 15-Love

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