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"People talk much more about Lend and Becker, but I can sneak up from behind and that's a position I like. I would like to reach that No. 1 spot at least once in my career. Just to see how it feels" - Stefan Edberg on his targets. Read the interview

Federer wanted Edberg to stay!

Roger Federer asked Stefan Edberg to remain his coach for another year, but Stefan refused to extend the contract to come back to his business and family commitments.

This behind-the-scene was revealed in a tweet by New York Times tennis columnist Christopher Clarey, who left his source unsaid.

What seems to be certain, instead, is that the end of the relationship was something the two had been aware of since months ago.

This detail was confirmed by Roger's head coach Severin Lüthi in an article he wrote for Swiss website Blick.ch: «The fact that the time with Stefan would come to an end was evident. He just didn't like to travel too much and already remained one year longer than planned.»

In 2015 Stefan only followed Roger for 10 weeks in total, compared to the 15 of the year before, skipping the longest trips to North America where he went only for the US Open and not for Indian Wells and Cincinnati.

The decision of hiring Ljubicic only came as third choice, after Lüthi, he himself for reasons of time, didn't accept to be the only man in charge in Roger's coaching staff.

«We spent more than 200 days together on the Tour this year - writes Lüthi, - more would be too much for me. We came to Ivan Ljubicic after many names. Certainly Roger's game will not change significantly. He will remain offensive.» (mc)

Federer wanted Edberg to stay!

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