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"I understand players like to play according to their strenghts, but just for changing it a little, they should approach the net. I'm sure their chances would increase" - Stefan Edberg on the disappearing of attacking play style. Read the article

Edberg says no to Swedish tv show

from Expressen.se
by Linus Sunnervik
translated into English by Mauro Cappiello

Despite a "perfect match" Stefan Edberg parted ways from Roger Federer. The tennis legend now tells about his friendship with Federer and why he has said no to SVT's popular tv show Mästarnas MästareMästarnas Mästare (The Master of Champions) is a Swedish tv competition-show based on the Belgian format "Eeuwige Roem". The program involves a number of former sports stars, who have all been champions in their sports and face each other in different disciplines until only one remains, to be elected the Master of Champions.. "I am happy to keep a lower profile," said Edberg.

Stefan Edberg has ended his collaboration with Roger Federer. Despite two successful years, with their cooperation being hailed as a "perfect match", the Swede chose not to continue. The reason was simple, he wanted more time for his life at home.

"There were two fantastic years with Roger. But everything has its time," says Edberg. And the two are still in contact at regular intervals.

"I have gained a friend for life. We still keep in touch and I offer my help to give feedback if he wants it. Unfortunately, he has had a knee injury now and will be away for a month. But I still think he has the chance to win several Major titles. As long as he plays so well," says Edberg.

"Not in my plans now"
The Swedish tennis hero had been highly topical for SVT's popular program series "Mästarnas Mästare", but says now that he has turned down. "I declined. I have no great need to be involved and feel that that is not something for me. It's not really in my plans," says Edberg to Sport Expressen.

How come?
"I only know that I prefer to keep a little lower profile. It's a very nice tv show that stands for many positive things. And I understand everyone's comments that maybe you should never exclude things altogether, but at present there's a minimal chance that I'm part of it. In a far future, you never know."

Former double ace Anders Järryd was in the fourth edition (2012) and went out in the night duel against Jörgen Jönsson about halfway into the program. In addition to him, the show has failed to attract any of the old Swedish tennis stars as Björn Borg, Mats Wilander and Stefan Edberg.

Read the original article in Swedish with a video of the tv show»
Edberg says no to Swedish tv show



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