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"Nobody does it these days, so there is hardly any variation in the style of play. I would love to see players serve & volley more. It's a very sad aspect of the game that the art has vanished" - Stefan Edberg on the disappearing of attacking play style. Read the article

Book on glory days of Swedish tennis is out in Italy

The front cover of the Italian version of "När vi var bäst"

by Mauro Cappiello

"När vi var bäst", the book on the Golden Age of Swedish tennis written two years ago by Mats Holm and Ulf Roosvald, is out in bookshops in Italy today!

As we had anticipated in early January, Italy becomes the first nation to translate the work, that collects stories and behind the scenes from the 30 years in which Sweden ruled the world of tennis.

The Italian version, named "Game Set Match - Borg, Edberg, Wilander e la Svezia del grande tennis" (translation by Alessandra Scali), has been presented two days ago by the Italian independent publishing house Add Editore and sports journalist Piero Valesio (Tuttosport) during an event in Turin.

Below you can read some excerpts from the book in Italian.

Game Set Match - Borg, Edberg, Wilander e la Svezia del grande tennis
Authors: Mats Holm, Ulf Roosvald
Translation: Alessandra Scali 
Pages: 384
Price: € 16.00
Publishing house: Add Editore
Purchase the book online»

La notizia in Italiano»

More links about the Swedish version:

When Sweden ruled the tennis world... - Presentation of the book by Mauro Cappiello.

The titans of tennis - Review of the book by Björn Hellberg for HD.se.

English chapters to download:

Swedish Golden Age - Björn Borg - How it all began. The social transformation that led to the birth of a tennis nation and the first Davis Cup title.

Swedish Golden Age - Mats Wilander - From a one-man team to a gang of top ten players. The second Davis Cup title against the US, the owners of the tennis world.

Swedish Golden Age - Stefan Edberg - The legend of the 1992 US Open and the beginning of the downfall

Book on glory days of Swedish tennis is out in Italy

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