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"My parents, that I consider as my best friends, taught me since I was a kid that happiness is a modest thing that has nothing to do with money and fame" - Stefan Edberg on his values. Read the article

Happy 15th birthday, STE...fans!

Dear fans,
today we want to celebrate with you a very important landmark for our website that turns 15 years old!

As we look back on the day when everything started, Stefan Edberg was into his fifth season since his retirement from tennis and had almost disappeared from public life. You could hardly find a recent picture of him on the internet... His interviews and appearances were even more rare than today.

In spite of his discreet personality, or right for this reason, Stefan has always had an enormous amount of followers around the world, so the idea of a fan website came up to create a place where old fans could gather and share memories of him.

The Internet was a very different place from what it is now. To start a website meant spending a lot of hours fighting against codes, the interaction was a lot harder, no social network, no Youtube, lower speeds... Some websites had already been built, but they were just a simple collection of results and statistics, there was no real community of fans.

Never in the world we could have imagined, back then, that our project would grow so much, not only creating a huge archive of articles, videos and clippings, but also following Stefan day by day with constant updates, reaching the new generations thanks to Edberg's association with Roger Federer to put together more than 65 thousand fans (and counting...) on Facebook, taking the challenge of the new media with a mobile-friendly version that we have started this year and we are still developing.

A birthday present for STE...fans! Make a small Paypal donation clicking the image above

If all this has actually happened, we must thank your support. Even the most beautiful website has no real meaning without an audience and, through the years, STE...fans has only gained, not lost, visitors. All of you who have visited our page, reading and sharing our stories, contributing your own, linking our posts from somewhere else on the web, have given a little help to keep our website alive even when the lack of fresh news might have prevailed on our enthusiasm.

15 years are a long long time on the Internet, enough to see millions and millions of pages come and go forever. But we can promise that, at least as long as there's a single one of you passing by and having a look, our page will not go.

Mauro Cappiello
STE...fans founder and admin
- http://stefanstennis.free.fr

Happy 15th birthday, STE...fans!

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