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"The problem today was that I lost the timing on my returns. I didn't hit enough returns to really make him play. I played three or four bad points, and that cost me the match" - Stefan Edberg on his defeat against Michael Stich in the 1991 Wimbledon semifinal. Read the article

The 1996 US Open draw controversy

Players Scream, So US Open Officials Hold New Men's Draw 
from Chicago Tribune
by Mark Shapiro

NEW YORK — Reacting to a wave of player criticism and the threat of a boycott, the U.S. Tennis Association on Thursday remade the men's draw for the U.S. Open.

Two-time champion Stefan Edberg, originally drawn to face Jim Courier, still got a tough first-round foe--Wimbledon champion Richard Krajicek.

"That is the ultimate sad irony because those are the two guys, Stefan and Richard, who went in to represent the players' view," said Mark Miles, ATP Tour chief executive officer. "They did it without any view as to whether it helped or hurt them."

The U.S.Tennis Association rejected the players' demand to stay with the ATP rankings, but agreed to remake the draw with the seeds already in place to avoid the appearance of impropriety.

Miles said virtually every player who heard about how the draw was conducted objected because it left open the possibility that the draw could have been rigged to favor certain Americans, notably Michael Chang and Andre Agassi.

Officials Draw Criticism and Redo Men's Open (Selena Roberts - The New York Times) »




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