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The Australian Open has a new logo! But it's just a joke...

by Mauro Cappiello

Less than a month after announcing a change in the event logo, the Australian Open uploaded a new profile image on the tournament social channels that replaced the traditional “serving man”, the brand image that had been representing the first Major of the year since 1995.

A new dark silhouette, reminding of Novak Djokovic just like the old one reminded of Stefan Edberg, holds the two initial letters A and O, on a light-blue background. What people on the social media immediately thought was that the Open had presented the new logo. And they didn’t like it…

Facebook and Twitter have been filled with comments about how meaningless and trivial the new image is, especially if compared to the “serving man”.

But the temporary picture was just a joke, as the Australian Open revealed on Twitter: a marketing strategy to create expectations and social talks around the new logo.

Many factors suggested that. First of all, no trace of an official presentation or announcement could be found on the web, not even on the event’s website, that continues to be branded like last year. That’s not what you would expect for a change of such an institutional element of communication.

Secondly, no high-resolution picture of the new logo could be found on the Internet. The “news” itself was widely commented on the social media, but just a few websites had written about it. Again, that’s not typical for an event that is generally announced to all the media by press release.

Last, but not least, the new image was in huge contrast with the motivations for change the organisers had given one month ago, talking about the needs of the digital era and the gender equality not represented by the old picture.

Still, we were also fooled by the prank and asked our Twitter followers if they liked the new logo... :-)

At this point, we just have to wait for the real one. And now that they've teased the audience, graphic designers should just be sure to have produced a masterpiece...

The Australian Open has a new logo! But it's just a joke...

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