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"It's a special award and an honor for me. But I say to myself that I'm just too young to have that prize named after me. But I think in just a few years time the prize will be renamed after Roger Federer, because he's already got it so many times..." - Stefan Edberg on the Sportsmanship Award. Read the interview

A short hd video of Stefan Edberg on court

A short promotional hd video made by Swedish filmmaker Kristoffer Davidsson for Adidas at the Södra Climate Arena and shared on Vimeo shows how Stefan Edberg's elegant motion on court has just stood the test of time.

Still at 50, Stefan playing is a joy to watch. It's a shame that, since he quit his job as coach of Roger Federer, he has never appeared in public tennis displays...

His appearance at the Necker Cup this week has been out of fans' reach, who couldn't see anything either live or on tv, and his name is not in the field for next year's edition of the Kings of Tennis.

A short hd video of Stefan Edberg on court


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