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"I played some great tennis in Australia, I played some great tennis this week. If I can continue to work hard and not get another injury in the near future, I've got a good shot at doing really well this year" - Stefan Edberg about his prospects for 1990 after winning in Indian Wells. Read the article

Fans don't like the new Australian Open logo

The Australian Open has started yesterday and, as announced a few months ago, the tournament has got a new logo that, after 21 years, replaced the "serving man", according to many modelled on Stefan Edberg's service action.

From a quick poll conducted by Huffington Post Australia, though, a great majority of fans are not enthusiast about the new branding image of the event, that was heavily criticized on the social networks as soon as it appeared last early October.

Contacted by The Huffington Post Australia, Nick Davis, general manager of Landor, the agency that designed the new logo, said that a negative reaction was expected.

Keep voting for the new Australian Open logo poll on the Huffigton Post Australia Facebook page.

"I have never ever done a significant rebranding where there's no instinctive knee-jerk. The old logo was loved because it was the old logo and people felt warm around it because it's been around so long. These things take time to bed in and settle."

He also explained that the aim of a logo is not to be liked but to carry a business forward. The tournament organisers considered the old image “not suitable to the digital era”, while, in Davis' words, it's easy to play with the elements of the new one in order to "communicate many things with a really simple system". (mc)

Fans don't like the new Australian  Open logo


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