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"The problem today was that I lost the timing on my returns. I didn't hit enough returns to really make him play. I played three or four bad points, and that cost me the match" - Stefan Edberg on his defeat against Michael Stich in the 1991 Wimbledon semifinal. Read the article

ATP corrects huge mistake in Stefan Edberg bio thanks to STE...fans

by Mauro Cappiello

More than 20 years after Stefan Edberg’s retirement from tennis, his official profile on the ATP World Tour website is finally correct.

Right on his birthday, I managed to make myself heard by the ATP on an incredible mistake that was still there in the “Bio” section of his page.

Believe it or not, until four days ago, Stefan was only acknowledged 8 and not 9 Grand Slam trophies between singles and doubles. His last title, clinched in 1996 with Petr Korda in the Australian Open doubles event, had been left out of his record, probably lost in the digital translation of his biography edited by Bud Collins.

I myself had noticed it surfing the Atp World Tour website and started reporting it in many ways (mails, tweets, a post on our Stefan Edberg Facebook page).

We had reported the mistake last year with a post on our Facebook page and a tweet to the ATP World Tour.

Why the ATP World Tour official website and social network staff, their media service and their stats expert Greg Sharko didn’t reply for so long to a well documented report of an error affecting the credibility of their entire statistical section, well, I actually don’t know.

But what matters is that our last post has been decisive. A special birthday gift to Stefan from our website!

Our Facebook post and tweet to the ATP World Tour of last January 19th.

The ATP corrected Stefan's profile and thanked STE...fans for reporting the error.

ATP corrects huge mistake in Stefan Edberg bio thanks to STE...fans


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