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"This is probably the best match I ever played. I'm even beginning to like New York, too" - Stefan Edberg after his first success at the US Open in 1991. Read the article

Edberg: "It was like the script for a movie"

Stefan Edberg in Roger Federer's box at the 2015 US Open, his last Grand Slam event as coach of the Swiss

Stefan Edberg is no longer Roger Federer’s coach, but last Sunday morning nothing in the world could prevent him from watching the Australian Open final between the Swiss and Rafael Nadal from the sofa of his home in Sweden. At the end, his former protégé took his beloved 18th Grand Slam title, something he had been working so hard for, without ever reaching, with the Swede in his team.

Stefan was contacted on the phone by Sveriges Radio yesterday and told some of his feelings about the final. We have an early rough translation of his main statements.

“It was the meeting between two icons that many feared would never happen again. The fact they met in the final was a big surprise that made it even more interesting.”

“I had the privilege to work with Roger and it was incredible to see how his game has evolved.”

“It was almost as if one had written the script for a movie and the fact that these two would meet in the final and that final would be so incredibly dramatic was fabulous.”

“Roger was in many finals against Djokovic in the last years that he might have won, but eventually lost for a ball or two, so one feels that he deserved it. What’s most impressive is that he came back as a 35 years old after six months off from tennis, and he shouldn’t have done, but I thought if there’s anyone who can do it, that one is Roger, because he has a pure talent.”

“In the fifth set Nadal was playing his amazing solid game and Roger looked not good out there. Then suddenly with one or two balls he gets the chance and rises to start playing a dream tennis from 1-3. Twenty minutes later he is the winner and you wonder: ‘What is that happened?’ It was magical in many ways.”

“I’ve obviously heard him and probably there are more who have made it. I haven’t received a response yet, but I know it usually eventually comes.” (mc)

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