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"There are little things. Technically Roger is strong. It's more about how he moves on the court, how he hits the ball. And I think it would also be good if he would vary his game a bit more than he does at the moment" - Stefan Edberg about what Roger Federer could improve in his game. Read the interview

"Federer should skip the claycourt season," says former coach Edberg

Stefan Edberg on court during a tennis clinic with Indian kids in Mumbai earlier this month

World number 1 Roger Federer is still uncertain whether to play or not on clay, but former coach Stefan Edberg is convinced he should skip the French Open build-up season like in 2017. "He has to make the decision like he did last year. He has to think about having enough breaks so he can recover and be hungry for the big ones," said Stefan from Mumbai, during his recent visit to India, interviewed by Rediff.com

Federer is currently playing the Indian Wells 1000 event and has already announced he will not compete in Monte Carlo, but his final decision on the other big tournaments on clay will only come after the Miami Masters.

"I think choosing not to play on clay is very wise because it is not his best surface and the chances of him winning the French Open are not very big in my opinion," continued Edberg. "So he may as well forget about it and just aim at playing well at Wimbledon and the US Open."

Roger has played at the Roland Garros for the last time in 2015, when he was beaten in the quarter finals by coutryman Stan Wawrinka. After his knee injury at Wimbledon in 2016 he has never showed up in any official match on claycourts.

"It was the right decision last year and I would imagine it would be pretty much the same this year, you never know." "If he feels like he wants to play the French Open, that is his call. I think he should aim at being fresh and try to win Wimbledon once again," concluded Edberg. (mc)


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