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"There are little things. Technically Roger is strong. It's more about how he moves on the court, how he hits the ball. And I think it would also be good if he would vary his game a bit more than he does at the moment" - Stefan Edberg about what Roger Federer could improve in his game. Read the interview

No more little tennis

An article from: La Repubblica
by Gianni Clerici

SEOUL. (...)Who hoped for his miracle doesn't know the game, and also ignores how seriously Edberg is taking this tournament, that matters a lot in the popularity head-to-head engaged with Wilander in Sweden.

Since ten o'clock in the morning, Edberg, usually long sleeper, had been practicing with Jarryd at very high rhythms.

With his, we can say, Olympic calm, Stefan would immediately manage to take into the match the training themes and effectiveness. He served hard, touched sweet and quick at the same time.

For something as fourteen points poor Paolo wouldn't see the ball. Canè was watching, so powerless that he didn't swear, neither against the wind, that punishes more the defenders. Starting with such a handicap could be the introduction to a disaster. Burned that first set, Paolo managed to raise to the level of a very good Edberg, unfortunately wasting two break points in the fourth game.

The game was now so balanced that we could hope for a tie-break, when a bad moment of Paolo gave Stefan a break and the set. The third set, from 1-4 down, would be dignified, and for once Paolo would behave absolutely normally. What if this did him harm?

No more little tennis

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