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"When I got my Wimbledon win I had to open the dance at the gala night. I'd rather serve three double faults in a row than do such a thing again." - Stefan Edberg about what he hates the most doing. Read the article

Edberg reborn

An article from: La Repubblica
by Gianni Clerici

MASTERS. He beat Wilander: he'll meet Lendl in the semifinal. Becker-Hlasek the other match

NEW YORK. (...) Still running and at what speed, Stefan Edberg who took little longer than an hour to overwhelm Mats Wilander. Edberg surprised not only the experts with a slow start, that prevented Wilander from finding his usual rhythm, his usual regularity.

Forced to attack against his will Mats got even more mixed up and, what's worse, completely lost his shot deepness.

The match seemed to level for a moment at the start of the second set but here, in front of a little less pale Wilander, Edberg was very intelligent in changing tactic and breaking out to the net. The player who had started worst the Masters, with half a disaster against Leconte, was so the first to qualify to the semis.

Edberg reborn


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