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"I have always just wanted to play good tennis, trying not to be different from what I was, I am. I've never tried to create an image of myself that doesn't correspond to the truth, a concern that many of today's players seem to have, instead" - Stefan Edberg on his personality. Read the interview

Becker-Edberg repeated today

An article from: La Repubblica
by Gianni Clerici

It wasn't Lendl's night. The German easily defeated a little cutting McEnroe. Wonderful match by the Swede against the world number one. Both semis ended in two sets

NEW YORK. Masters lex, Masters iniuria. Stefan Edberg, the player who had lost so badly in the round robin, will meet the unbeaten Boris Becker in the final. Edberg, who had been destroyed by Boris on Friday night, looked suddenly reborn against a Lendl who was too tentative at the start and was eventually outclassed.

This Edberg, very good in the even days, looked like the handsome brother of his pale Friday night's double. In that match Stefan had even been outclassed by Boris' power, who had firstly driven him to resignation, to then hammer him from the baseline.

Against Lendl, Edberg played very bad only on the first three points, giving three break-points that could have cost him very dear. After that critical moment, Stefan started to play an inspired tennis, an endlessly more creative one than the solid, but predictable, Ivan's rallies.

Edberg ran another risk, at the start of the tie-break, but, after recovering that two point gap, he had the match open in front of him. Stefan always led in the second set, to only suffer a break-back in the eleventh game. But this wasn't enough for Ivan to get back into the match, either. Really, it was not his night.

Becker-Edberg repeated today


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