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"I think winning another (Grand Slam event) is obviously the goal. But competing at the top of my game, that's really what I want to do out there. And winning tournaments once in a while" - Stefan Edberg on his priorities at the start of 1995. Read the article

Edberg nearly perfect, but Lendl is at his most

An article from: La Repubblica

Australian Open: Wilander and Noah beaten in the semis

A perfect Edberg, a cynical Lendl dominating Noah. The conformation of tomorrow's final in the Australian Open has been made leaving no doubt. The two semis have been one-sided matches, but it's been Edberg's performance to impress the more.

Even Mats Wilander, who had earlier beaten Boris Becker, but has been outclassed by the young countryman in just 1h and 22 minutes, acknowledged it: "To stop him I should have been in the match since the early games, but today Edberg was incredible, anything I played was properly returned. I didn't expect such a degree of perfection. Honestly I tried anything, but at one point I started feeling desperate. I didn't know what else I could do".

But, what matters more, even Lendl appreciated. "Stefan's tennis was near perfection. When he's this fit, it's really hard to face him. But I prefer to be practical, effective and win however, more than look for perfection".

Lendl's unstoppable, Edberg is perfect: these were the two themes of the semifinals day. The 24-year-old Swede was good in all the compartments: serve, volley, baseline. In the first set, he made the early break with a backhand volley. Then, he repeated, always with a backhand volley, in the third and in the sixth game, to eventually win the set at the first chance. Wilander then lost his serve in the second set and nearly didn't win one more point since the second game.

(...) The point of the Open is here: who'll win between the perfect Edberg and the practical Lendl, a man who is today favourite for the title? On Sunday he'll play his 17th final in a Grand Slam Championship.

Edberg nearly perfect, but Lendl is at his most


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