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"I think he should adopt a more attacking game strategy because now everybody knows how he plays and everyone wants to beat him. If he goes 5 times out of 10 to the net, it will destabilize his opponent" - Stefan Edberg about how Roger Federer should play against Rafael Nadal. Read the interview


Stefan Edberg (SWE)37-12Spain (19 players)

1-1Aguilera, Juan
1-0Arrese, Jordi
1-0Benfele Alvarez, Emilio
2-1Berasategui, Alberto
6-3Bruguera, Sergi
0-1Burillo, Jordi
1-0Casal, Sergio
1-0Clavet, Francisco
1-0Conde, Josè Antonio (Pepe)
3-1Corretja, Alex
1-0Costa, Albert
1-0Costa, Carlos
0-1Higueras, Josè
1-0Martinez, Oscar
1-0Moya, Carlos
1-0Rodriguez, Juan Antonio
9-3Sanchez, Emilio
6-0Sanchez, Javier
0-1Velasco jr., Jairo


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