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Michael Chamberlin: a party at Stefan Edberg's place

from TheAge.com
by Emma Westwood

Stefan's name in a comedy. An Australian comedian, Michael Chamberlin, represented a show in which he gives a comical interpretation of the tennis world

There's going to come a time when people realise Michael Chamberlin is as talented a comedian as the Dave Hugheses and Wil Andersons of this world.

Playing in a small room at the Melbourne Town Hall, this Skithouse regular betrays his boyish appearance - accentuated by a trademark lisp- with a sharp, intelligent and quick-witted mind. The irregular rhythm of Chamberlin's jokes and the unexpected punchlines give his performance a refreshing unpredictability.

For this show, Chamberlin has mined the comic-rich quarry of professional tennis, which is full of characters and caricatures some of us may have forgotten - almost. Even though his hero, Stefan Edberg, features in the title, it is the larrikin Frenchman, Henri Leconte, who provides the best fodder for laughs.

But this show is more about growing up and rites of passage; the childlike side of Chamberlin presents itself through a series of rough and very amusing sketches that lead us to the defining moment when he feels he became an adult.

A thoroughly endearing and funny storyteller, Chamberlin constantly comes up with the goods, and this Comedy Festival show is no exception. Despite having the talent to warrant a bigger room, the small space gives his show an intimacy that draws you to the story - but one that a mature Chamberlin will hopefully grow beyond.

Michael Chamberlin: a party at Stefan Edberg's place



0 #1 Lisa 25.05.2005 @ 03:21
Just came across your blog. You brought me back to the old days. I grew up watching Becker-Edberg Wimbledon finals, always rooting for Edberg of course. (After all these years, I can't figure out why I always call them Becker-Edberg and not Edberg-Becker) Anyway, thanks for the nice blog. I like knowing what Edberg is up to these days. It's too bad I don't live in Australia because this sounds like a fun show.

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