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"Nobody does it these days, so there is hardly any variation in the style of play. I would love to see players serve & volley more. It's a very sad aspect of the game that the art has vanished" - Stefan Edberg on the disappearing of attacking play style. Read the article

Stefan Edberg: "This is how I got rich with shares"

from Dagens Ps.se
translated into English by Markus Zacharski

The former tennis professional Stefan Edberg is good for many hundred millions (Swedish crowns). In the latest issue of the newspaper "Aktiespararen" he unveils his investment strategy.

Stefan Edberg brought in 20 million dollars during his career 1982-1996 and is devoted to manage his increasing stock portfolio about 20 hour a week. Motto is: long-range planning and distribution of risk. Edberg has an annual increase of 10 percent.

"That may sound modest but in times of low inflation this is totally sufficient so that I can ensure the future of myself and my family long ahead", he says to Aktiespararen and adds that the whole capital shall give this profit, not only shares.

Regarding shares in the portfolio, the 41-year-old Stefan Edberg places - according to the formula 100 minus own age - about 60 percent shares. 40 percent of these shares lie in foreign companies, in both different markets and currencies.

Stefan Edberg has invested the rest of his capital into, for example, residential properties, a forest property, hedge fonds and the own yard Grimslöv outside Växjö. Stefan Edberg misses completely government bonds, Aktiespararen writes.

According to the newspaper, Stefan Edberg believes in a further strong price trend for raw material. But as he mentions five hot buy recommendations the choice is Broström, SCA, IBS, Metro and Lundbergs.

Stefan Edberg is joint owner and director of capital administration company Case Asset Management.

Stefan Edberg:


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