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"It will be quite interesting to follow tennis for the next few years to see what happens, because it's been quite predictable now for such a long period of time" - Stefan Edberg on top tennis after Andy Murray's Wimbledon triumph. Read the article

"Even in retirement, we remain competitors in our souls"

Stefan Edberg and Tim Henmanduring a moment of his visit at the Tennis Warehouse shops

from We love tennis.fr
by Pauline Dahlem
translated into English by Mauro Cappiello

In the development of Tennis Warehouse Europe, Stefan Edberg, great champion, former world number 1 and winner of six Grand Slams, came to visit the entire team at Tennis Warehouse Europe and its customers. On Wednesday, May 19 the Swede took an autograph session in two stores of the world leader of equipment sales on the internet, Schutterwald (Germany) and Illkirch (France), before confiding in an exclusive interview.

Tennis Warehouse Europe: First of all thank you for your time, your presence has honored us. You have decided to end your career at the end of 1996. What have you done since then and what are your activities today?
No problem, the pleasure is all mine. There have been many changes. Tennis has been enormously important in my life. But today I switched to something else. After living in London for much of my career, I decided 10 years ago to get back to Sweden. Now I spend my time working in my office at home. I work in finance and real estate. Nevertheless, I remain involved in tennis, I still play regularly. My life now is really different from what it was when I was on the tour.

You started playing on the Senior Tour two years ago. Could you tell us about this circuit?
Senior Tour has become very popular. In my case, I have been absent from the courts for 10 years and then I decided to return. It is a very nice feeling to meet again with all the old players I faced in the past and see what they have become. And then it is obviously a pleasure to meet them on the court again. Everyone plays the same way with lots of style while being a bit slower. Usually we play in a bit smaller stadiums with a good audience, we have fun while playing a quality tennis, it’s a very good experience.

The atmosphere must be different, mustn’t it? When you're on the court, you remain competitors in the soul and it really does not change compared to the past. By cons, off the court, you should spend some more time together, the atmosphere should be more friendly than before, shouldn’t it?
Yes indeed, it is a little more relaxed even though we remain competitors on the court. By cons, we sometimes joke and communicate with the public. This is a popular event. It must be quite fun to watch I guess.

However, you do not play a lot on this tour, do you?
No actually I just play a few tournaments per year. But I try, whenever possible, to keep fit and play once or twice a week. I actually like playing, tennis is a sport that I like, which allows me to feel good and maintain a certain fitness. I could not play every day because it would weary me out too much, but just a few times with my friends is a good training and I have a good time.

You look pretty fit...
Yes, for someone my age, I’m not too bad! (editor's note, Edberg is 43 years old now) I need to exercise. When you've been used to doing a lot of sport and physical activity, which was my case when I was on the tour, your body constantly needs to feel good. It gets used to it. And besides, it's something I love doing, so it's only pleasure.

Which one do you consider the best moment of your career, the greatest victory?
Actually I would say there are different stages. First, when I won my first tournament at the age of 11 in Sweden. Then there was the first European Championship at the age of 14 years, then my first ATP tournament in Milan, and of course my first win at Wimbledon. If I had to mention one, it would probably be it. The victory at Wimbledon is really an amazing moment.

Stefan, thank you for giving us this interview.
Thank you and good luck to Tennis Warehouse Europe for the future.

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