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"If I play like I did here in Madrid I have got no doubt about my chances of winning the Roland Garros, my goal for this season" - Stefan Edberg on his state of form before the 1993 French Open. Read the article

Stefan Edberg: I will sponsor Växjö

from Aftonbladet.se
by Hans Abrahamsson
translated into English by Mauro Cappiello

Stefan Edberg seems to be interested in sponsoring the hockey team of the city where he lives in Sweden, who is likely to compete in the Major league next year

Tomorrow, Växjö can secure a premier division place.

And now multi-millionaire and former tennis star Stefan Edberg, 45, will go in and sponsor the new team.

"In all probability it will be so", said Edberg to Sportbladet.

Stefan Edberg is one of history's most distinguished tennis player. Whe he quit tennis, he has opted for a career as a financier - and he has been successful also in the business world.

According to the online magazine of sport business, today he has a fortune of 500 million kronor (55,5 million euros, ann.).

The two-time Wimbledon champion is now willing to bet some of those money on the Lakers.

Leading by six points

Through his company, Case Asset Management AB, Edberg plans go and sponsor the successful team, who on Sunday could step up in the top division.

Växjö leads surprisingly the Kvalserien and, with three games left, has a six point advantage on Södertälje at the third place. How much money Stefan Edberg is ready to go in with, he would not say.

"No, I can not answer that. Of course I know that there are sponsorship packages of different amounts, but so far I have only received a presentation from the club. We will have one session a bit later, it is intended".

Think of the boost for city

Edberg, who lives just outside Växjö, has a keen interest in hockey and has been at several of the team's matches in the Hockeyallsvenskan.

"The club has worked long term for many years and now they are going to succeed with something really good", said Edberg, who believes that a promotion to the top division will benefit the entire city:

"It means a lot to have a team in the "Elitserien" (hockey Major League, ann.) or in the "Allsvenskan" (football Premier League, ann.)", he says.

But it's not required that Växjö steps up in the top division for Stefan Edberg to go in as a sponsor.

"Increased interest"

"I am interested regardless of where they play, but if they go up so does the interest, of course. There is the opportunity to help a sport, then there is also a purely business point of view for us", says Stefan Edberg.

Stefan Edberg: I will sponsor Växjö


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