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"I felt like I was twenty years old again. Certainly I would have preferred to have won in '89, but I went back to that time and it was fantastic. I played like then. Only this way I could beat someone like Chang on clay..." - Stefan Edberg on his revenge against Michael Chang at the 1996 French Open. Read the article

Stefan was and still is... - by Peter -

by Peter

Stefan was and still is the classiest tennis player to have ever played the game.
I first saw Stefan play at the Canadian Open in a memorable final against Boris Becker. Didn't matter that he lost that match, he was so gracious in defeat that you couldn't help but root for him every time he stepped onto a tennis court.

His matches against some of the best are still fresh in my mind, his masters wins over Lendl and Becker were awesome, his lopsided victory over that robot Courier was fantastical, and of course his defense of the U.S Open in '92 with his stunning win over Sampras was amazing.

I think the hardest part of being an Edberg fan were the losses, especially the loss to Lendl in Australia, the loss to Chang at the French,and the 2 losses to Courier at the Australian Open.

For me personally the match at the French was the hardest to get over because i felt that was his one chance at winning the title, i never got over it...I still hate Chang to this day..stupid bugger..he should have lost that match with Lendl, who knows maybe the final would have been different.

It's great to see him still playing and beating the likes of Henman and Rusedski, even if it is in practice. Hope to see him play again live, there has been no player since then with Stefan's grace and flawless serve and volley game.

Best of luck Stefan, hope to see you soon on a court.

Peter, December 2002

Stefan was and still is... - by Peter -


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