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"I have always just wanted to play good tennis, trying not to be different from what I was, I am. I've never tried to create an image of myself that doesn't correspond to the truth, a concern that many of today's players seem to have, instead" - Stefan Edberg on his personality. Read the interview

Hall of Fame Ceremony - by Joni Granwehr -

by Joni Granwehr

Hi, Mauro!
I wanted to share how thrilling it was to see in person Stefan's induction into the Tennis Hall of Fame! Were you able to attend? I have waited 6 long years, and though I was very upset that he didn't go in last year, I have a better understanding why.

The 50th anniversary celebration was so classy, it just made good sense to have Stefan instead of Boris. He looked fit and wonderful as ever. I had a strong feeling he would ask Tony Pickard to present him.

I'm afraid that Andre Agassi stole the show with his verbal love letter to his wife, Stefanie. It was a very touching tribute. For anyone wishing to read the transcript, it can be found at www.tennisfame.com.

Thanks for the great job you are doing with the site!

Sincerely, Joni Granwehr

Hall of Fame Ceremony - by Joni Granwehr -


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