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"What happened to Monica is really terrible. I am very impressed by the images and, knowing the reason of the attack, I feel even more worried and surprised. A fact like this makes you reflect and you can not help thinking that the same thing can happen to you" - Stefan Edberg on Monica Seles' stabbing. Read the article


Stefan interviewed on the Australian Open

In this interview released just after the 2012 Australian Open semifinal between Federer and Nadal, Stefan Edberg talks to the BBC about the match and about Andy Murray's chances to win the tournament.

But his prediction didn't come true...


Edberg: «It's hard for Djokovic to repeat 2011»

from Pressonline.rs
by Luke Bajrović
Translated into English by Mauro Cappiello

The famous Swedish tennis player says to our paper that Djokovic had a tremendous season, but that something like this only happens once in a lifetime. At the top, however, it is reasonable to expect Novak to remain number one. Everything will be clear already after the first three months of the new year, says former number one, Swede Stefan Edberg.

Novak Djokovic with the 2012 Mubadala Abu Dhabi Tennis Championship trophy

Once in a lifetime! Former Swedish world best tennis player Stefan Edberg described with these words Novak Djokovic's marvelous results in 2011. Edberg, who during his career won six Grand Slam titles, has admitted in an exclusive interview with "Press" he was impressed with what Novak did in the season behind us.

«It was an incredible season for Novak Djokovic. Something like that probably only happens once in a lifetime», said Edberg, who in his career triumphed twice at the Australian Open, Wimbledon and the U.S. Open.

A series of 41 victories
Last season Djokovic won a total of ten trophies, but there is no doubt that the most important three were his Grand Slam titles at the Australian Open, Wimbledon and the U.S. Open. He began with a series of 41 wins, which Federer broke in the semifinals of Roland Garros. In addition, in 2011 Novak became the first player to win five masters tournaments in the same season.


The enjoyment of the children's chauffeur

from Kronen Zeitung (24/02/2010)
by Gernot Gsellmann
Translated into English by La Zingara

In this short interview from February of last year, Stefan Edberg talks about his winter vacations and leaves the door open for a future comeback to the tennis world.

Stefan Edberg interviewed by Gernot Gsellmann

Calm, sun and snow: ex-ATP Number 1 Stefan Edberg for the first time on holidays in Tirol.

“Please, where do you want to sit ?”

Even if he already had to give thousand of interviews, he never lost the Scandinavian kindness and politeness. And after putting an end to his career, he looks even more thoughtful. “I just enjoy life, at home in Växjö, or here in St Leonhard.”

The former number 1 and six-times Gran Slam winner spends his holidays in Pitztal (Tirol) with nine people, including his wife Annette and kids Emelie (16) and Christopher (13). Gernot Gsellmann talked to the 44 years old Swedish “Sir” about his past, present and future.

- What brought you to Pitztal ?

My friend Günther Müller. He organized this ski week. He found the perfect hotel for us in Kirchenwert. Quiet, family-friendly and really comfortable.


Stefan Edberg: «Nadal's golden age is over»

from Svd.se
by Jonas Arnesen
translated into English by Mauro Cappiello with Google translator

Former world champion Stefan Edberg calls for more diversity in today's tennis. «A little more serve and volley game is the only thing I miss for an even greater entertainment», says the 45-year-old player from Småland (a Southern province in Sweden, annotation), who tomorrow plays an exhibition match at the Kungliga Tennishallen.

It was there that Edberg left the ATP Tour in 1996 after a fairytale-like career during which he recorded a total of 42 tournament titles, including six of Grand Slam.

An aggressive yet soft and attacking play characterized Edberg, whose retirement meant the end of the great successes for truly serve and volley players. Australian Patrick Rafter and Britain's Tim Henman still played that style a few more years, but encountered obstacles in the form of slower balls and surfaces.

«With the softer balls that are available today, it is harder to play serve and volley. But I think it would succeed and that it also could give anyone trying it an advantage, because many today block the returns. It's a shame that it has almost disappeared from tennis», says Edberg, who still does not think it was better before.

«No, today's men's tennis is fantastic and Federer, Nadal and Djokovic are definitely better than the top players a decade ago. They are better trained and play much faster. Murray can also be counted there. Although he has not taken a Grand Slam title, for years he has been in the top quartet which dominates».


Edberg: mental strength is the key for Del Potro

Juan Martin Del Potro

from Terra.co.pe
by Claudio Cerda with the contribution of Felipe Iturrieta
translated by Mauro Cappiello

Argentine tennis player Juan Martin Del Potro will take time to get back to his best level and his return to the top spots of the circuit will depend on his mental strength, said Sweden’s Stefan Edberg, former world number one, who is in Chile to play an exhibition.

Del Potro rose to glory in 2009 by winning the U.S. Open and some months later he reached the No. 4 in the ATP rankings. After that, a surgery on his right wrist pretty much wiped out his 2010 season.

The player, currently located at the number 298 of the world rankings, resumed his activities last January in the Sydney tournament, where he fell in the second round. Then he lost at the same stage of the Australian Open and a few days ago he reached the semifinals in San Jose, USA.

Edberg, who won 42 singles and 18 doubles titles in his professional career, acknowledged the complexity of the surgery Del Potro underwent, but stated that, if the 22 year old Argentine tennis player is confident in himself, he may be back to his best game.

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