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"I think they should make slower balls. But one thing is for sure: it is important that the measures to be taken will not penalize serve and volley" - Stefan Edberg on the evolution of tennis. Read the interview


Book on history of Swedish tennis available in English

Since last October, "När vi var bäst", the book on the glory days of Swedish tennis by Mats Holm and Ulf Roosvald is available in English. The work, translated by Cecilia Palmcrantz, was published by the New York based house Skyhorse Publishing with the title "Björn Borg and the Super-Swedes. Stefan Edberg, Mats Wilander and the Golden Era of Tennis".

Written in 2014, the volume had raised huge interest in Sweden, where the audience were keen to know how a relatively small country could dominate the world of tennis for more than two decades and then go back to the disasters of nowadays, when not a single player from the land of Borg can be found in the top 100 of the ATP men's rankings.

An Italian translation come out in bookstores in May 2016 (add editore) with the title "Game, Set, Match. Borg, Edberg e Wilander, la Svezia del grande tennis" had showed how the golden age of Sweden was also missed abroad and maybe encouraged an English edition, that is definitely giving an international dimension to this literary case in sports narrative.

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