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"I have always just wanted to play good tennis, trying not to be different from what I was, I am. I've never tried to create an image of myself that doesn't correspond to the truth, a concern that many of today's players seem to have, instead" - Stefan Edberg on his personality. Read the interview


Edberg to BBC: "Federer is the greatest in my eyes"

After the Wimbledon final won by Roger Federer against Marin Cilic, Stefan Edberg was reached by Phil Jones of BBC Sport who recorded his view about Federer's amazing run at SW 19.

Stefan highlighted the Swiss' fantastic year so far, with just two matches lost in the season, two Major tournaments won and an 8th Wimbledon crown taken without losing a set. "He did the right choice, we have the answers now," Stefan said about Federer's decision to skip the entire season on clay to save energy and be at his best for the fortnight of the Championships.

"When you take two months off you take a little bit of a risk, but he was calculating that he was going to do well on grass, he was going to get a few matches before the tournament and it turned out to be the right decision."

Stefan was also asked about the greatest of all time topic: "I've never seen Rod Laver play, but Roger is the greatest in my eyes. He's so special in many ways... He's won here eight times, he's done well on all the surfaces, he's wonderful to watch, he's got so much talent and it’s always worth coming out to watch him because you always know there’s going to be some unbelievable shots out there." (mc)

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