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"I've always been used to keeping it all inside but it was only tactics, because, as when you play poker, you have to show as little as possible to your opponent, you don't have to bring your weaknesses out and exploit his. For me, the perfect example of how to be on a tennis court is Chang" - Stefan Edberg on his on court attitude. Read the interview

Doha 2012 - Stefan Edberg vs Jo-Wilfried Tsonga

Duration: 04:00
Language: English
Description: Highlights of the exhibition match played in Doha on Friday January 6th 2012, between Stefan Edberg and Jo-Wilfried Tsonga. Stefan came in at the last minute to replace Roger Federer, who couldn't play his semifinal of the Qatar Open against Tsonga due to a back injury. But the crowd had the unique opportunity to attend a single set show match full of incredible shots, in which the former world number one from Sweden proved that class has no age.
Doha 2012 - Stefan Edberg vs Jo-Wilfried Tsonga

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