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"My parents, that I consider as my best friends, taught me since I was a kid that happiness is a modest thing that has nothing to do with money and fame" - Stefan Edberg on his values. Read the article

Special - När vi var bäst (Grand Slamers)

När vi var bäst, by Mats Holm and Ulf Roosvald, is a book about the Golden Age of Swedish tennis seen through the eyes of the three major protagonists of that era, Björn Borg, Mats Wilander and Stefan Edberg.

The book explains how a small country with 8 million inhabitants like Sweden could become the leading nation in tennis and an example to imitate worldwide. As Holm and Roosvald write, "while tennis was still an upper class sport in the world, Sweden became the country with the biggest number of tennis courts per capita".

Thanks to Kontext Agency, the house that holds the rights of the book, we are able to share some English anticipations of the content, hoping that a full international version of the volume, that is already a best seller in Sweden, will soon be available worldwide.

You can read and download some English excerpts in pdf format, that we divided into three parts, dedicating one to each of the three legends. Also read a presentation and a Swedish review of the volume.

Swedish Golden Age - Björn Borg - How it all began. The social transformation that led to the birth of a tennis nation and the first Davis Cup title.

Swedish Golden Age - Mats Wilander - From a one-man team to a gang of top ten players. The second Davis Cup title against the US, the owners of the tennis world.

Swedish Golden Age - Stefan Edberg - The legend of the 1992 US Open and the beginning of the downfall

The titans of tennisReview of the book by Björn Hellberg for HD.se.

When Sweden ruled the tennis world...Presentation of the book by Mauro Cappiello.

Special - När vi var bäst (Grand Slamers)