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"I think every person will experience moments like this. For 15 years I've been pursuing the tennis world, and have experienced all the bitter and the sweet. I will always remember you" - Stefan Edberg on leaving tennis. Read the article


Swedish star coaches' sharp criticism: "Near the bottom"

from DN.se
by Nils Palmgren
translated into English by Mauro Cappiello

Stefan Edberg and Magnus Norman at the Australian Open last January (picture contributed by Joanne Cox)

Formerly the Center Court at Roland Garros was filled with Swedish tennis players. When the French Open started last Sunday not a single Swedish men's player was in the tournament. - There's something we haven't done right in Swedish tennis, says coach Magnus Norman.

PARIS. A former Swedish world number one and a former Swedish world number two will fight for the title in Paris. Not as players but as as coaches. Stefan Edberg coaches world number four Roger Federer and Magnus Norman world number three Stanislas Wawrinka.

Both are equally disappointed that there are no Swedish men's players that are candidates to play in a Grand Slam. Not even to qualify to one.

- Results-wise and ranking-wise it is so bad that you know you're pretty close to the bottom, says Stefan Edberg.


Edberg: "It's almost like a relationship"

from Expressen.se
by Linus Sunnervik
translated into English by Mauro Cappiello

Gossips said his tennis career was over. Six months later, with Stefan Edberg as coach, Roger Federer is reborn. Sport-Expressen met the Swedish tennis icon for a conversation about the details behind the 32 year old's strong comeback - and the future. - I'm convinced he can win one or two Grand Slams, says Edberg.

Stefan Edberg and Roger Federer in Rome

Roger Federer is feeling better than ever.

Two weeks ago, the 32-year-old and his wife Mirka became parents of their second pair of twins. Within next summer, the couple's huge luxury villa worth SEK 115 million (€ 13 million, $ 17.5 million, translator note) in Valbella, Swiss Alps, will be finished. And on the tennis court the Swiss is back to his good old shape - thanks to a Swedish coach.

Or that, in any case, is what the media think a week before the French Open kicks off.


Stefan Edberg, the talent who crushed them all

from Eurosport.se
by Lennart Sandahl
translated into English by Mauro Cappiello

Stefan Edberg was a large part of the Swedish tennis miracle. Between 1983 and 1996, he won six Grand Slams and three Davis Cup titles. He, he was world number one for 72 weeks and earned 150 million Swedish crowns. How did he come up and were there ever doubts during his junior career? "There was almost no money in the beginning and you had a knife against your throat to win, so that the trip would go on."

But we will start from Melbourne in 2014.

It's early February and impressions from the weeks of hard work in the Australian Open have dropped in for Stefan Edberg, 48. Together with Severin Lüthi, he contributed as Roger Federer's new coach to let the Swiss find back his self-confidence and make ​​it to the semifinals, where world number one Rafael Nadal overpowered him.


"I'm a dark horse"

from DN.se
by Lars Grimlund
translated into English by Mauro Cappiello

Stefan Edberg won the Kings of Tennis last year. On Tuesday, the tournament begins at the Stockholm Waterfront and Edberg will meet, among others, Mats Wilander on his way to a new possible final on Friday.

You won the Kings of Tennis last year, have you got better or worse?

- It's a very good question. It remains to actually be seen, I underwent knee surgery last fall and I took a lot of rehab. The last six weeks I have been playing pretty well, so it'll probably work.

You beat John McEnroe in the final, how big was it?

- There was a little emotion involved in the final and John is a fantastic tennis ambassador in every way, he has done a lot for tennis. It's special when you have McEnroe on the other side of the net. I grew up with Björn Borg, McEnroe and that generation, it's a little extra to be able to play against them.


Our very special birthday wish to Stefan

by Mauro Cappiello

Dear fans,

this year we wanted to give Stefan Edberg a very rare birthday present, that we really hope all the community will appreciate. The video you can see below is an interview with Stefan broadcasted by the Swedish Television almost two years ago, during the first edition of the Kings of Tennis in Stockholm. This one-to-one with journalist Johar Bendjelloul is, as far as I know, the longest and most in-depth tv conversation our idol has been into since his retirement from tennis, back in 1996.

Although it's a little outdated, especially since Edberg got involved in Roger Federer's coaching team, it's anyway a precious document for us fans and a chance for all of those who discovered the website recently to catch up with most of the things he has done in his life after sports.

Stefan talks mostly about playing on the senior tour, the bad moment for tennis in Sweden and the rumour that he would return to play Davis Cup (the media talked a lot about it back then), the reasons of his retirement, his business activities with CASE, today's situation at the top of the ATP ranking and also recalls some of his most important victories.

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