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"To be number one in the world is unique and is probably my best memory. To be top five in the world ranking for nine years is also something I'm very happy with" - Stefan Edberg on his years at the top. Read the interview


Edberg about life without serve and volley

from Göteborgs Posten
by Tobias Österberg
translated into English by Markus Zacharski

. He’s one of the greatest throughout the years on the tennis court. From Stockholm Open Stefan Edberg tells about life after tennis, the occasion where he got a warning and what’s wrong with Swedish youngster tennis.

Almost everyone knows tennis player Edberg, do we get to know what you are doing now?

- Yes, I’m member of the Stockholm Open tournament committee, I’ve got a foundation which works for Swedish youngster tennis. Furthermore I work with Växjö’s tennis centre and I’m member of Catella Capital, a company that deals with asset and fund management.

This sounds like a full follow up chart?

- At present it feels like one has a bit too much to do and I should need to reduce.

It has been about five years now since you gave up tennis. Do you miss life on tour?

- I’ve really no big longing back. I was very satisfied, I had been playing as a professional for 14 years and obtained much from it.


Lord of Tennis

Signore del tennis

from La Gazzetta dello Sport Magazine
by Iacopo Iandiorio

His class and fair play left the mark, so that the ATP decided to name the Sportsmanship Award after him, a prize he himself won for five times. But the Swede has also been a great for his attitude towards an attack tennis, the one he prefers, that allowed him to win six Grand Slam Championships and three Davis Cups.

It looks like time goes by leaving no trace on him. You see him distinguished and elegant, as always, with his characteristic blonde forelock on his forehead, and it looks as if he's just got off the court. It's true that it's not been so long since Stefan Edberg from Västervick said goodbye to tennis, little more than two years ago. But his athletic appearance, his lynx eye and, most of all, his class, in and off the beloved court, have left unchanged.

He welcomes us with the kindness everybody acknowledged and, in spite of his commitments, he gives us an hour to tell about himself dispassionately.

His balance and fairness left the mark, so that the ATP named the "sportsmanship award" after him, a prize that Stefan won five times in a row. And if you ask him what he would like to be remembered for, he answers peaceful: "For my sportsmanship and my behavior. Besides the victories in Wimbledon".