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"I think every person will experience moments like this. For 15 years I've been pursuing the tennis world, and have experienced all the bitter and the sweet. I will always remember you" - Stefan Edberg on leaving tennis. Read the article

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Stefan Edberg at the Australian Open in 50 images

Almost every year during his professional career Stefan Edberg has celebrated his birthday at the Australian Open and, whenever he has played on January 19th, he has never lost a match.

Now that he has turned 50 years old, we want to recall his career at the Australian Open with 50 images from his moments at what has become the first Grand Slam event of the year.

A tournament that has been at the same time so successful and so painful for him.


Congratulations Stefan, 50 years old!

from The Challenge (Arnesen-Tennis)
by Jonas Arnesen *
translated into English by Mauro Cappiello

(picture by Arne Forsells)

Today Stefan Edberg turns 50 years old. Big and hearty congratulations! But what else should I write that has not already been written or said about the sympathetic Västervik Son?

Six Grand Slam titles in singles, three in doubles, a total of 41 singles and 18 doubles titles, three Davis Cup victories, the Olympic bronze and 72 weeks as world number one.

That's a mini summary of his fabulous career that I have been privileged to follow as a journalist.

It started back in the early 1980s, when Stefan's father Bengt was kind enough to call the Barometern newspaper in Kalmar to tell his kid had played and how it had gone.

Usually it went well. Very well.

But Stefan himself was not so talkative. He hasn't been in recent years, either.

As a star in the spotlight in one of the world's largest sports, he managed to preserve his reclusive ways. Similarly, after the end of his career. When other former top players criticized - sometimes very loudly - their successors, Stefan kept quiet.

Sure, once you've sometimes wished that he would have burst in public, for example on how things have been managed in Swedish tennis over the years, but no, we will probably never get to experience the day when Stefan Edberg will go out and criticize someone.


"50 good years in every way"

For his 50th birthday, Stefan Edberg was reached on the phone by Johanna Jonsson, a contributor of the Swedish Tennis Federation website, who asked him how he spent this special day.

"I'm at home right now, but there will be no big party today. There was a little surprise after midnight here and I was celebrated by friends and acquaintances.”

The journalist also asked him to make an assessment of his life so far: "A lot has happened during these 50 years, - replied Stefan. - Looking back, I've had 50 good years in every way and above all I have experienced a lot of tennis. I have been with my wife for 30 years and feel healthy. I am absolutely satisfied and have nothing to complain about."


Celebrate Stefan Edberg's 50th birthday with 50 great shots!

by Mauro Cappiello

Today, January 19th, Stefan turns 50 years old and we have prepared a very special birthday wish for him!

As our HOT SHOT!!! video section just reached its 50th issue target, we thought it would be a nice idea to collect in only one clip all those 50 great shots played by Stefan in many different matches all throughout his career.

So, this Golden Anniversary, that we hope you will recall with us sharing and retweeting this video on your favourite social channels, is also the occasion to celebrate the great work of research in our archive and on the web we have done since April 2013, when we first decided to start a section of our video gallery dedicated to the shots of magic Stefan Edberg has delighted us all with for so many years.


Book on Swedish Greats to be translated in Italy

by Mauro Cappiello

"När vi var bäst"
by Mats Holm and Ulf Roosvald
Offside - pp. 276, kr225 (€26 - US$33)

"När vi var bäst", the book on the Golden Age of Swedish tennis published in October 2014, will be translated into Italian.

The news was given us by Ulf Roosvald, author with Mats Holm of the volume that was widely appreciated by critics and became a best seller in few months in Sweden.

The Italian version will be edited by Add Editore, an independent publishing house born in Turin in 2010.

So Italy will be the first country (and we hope not the only one) to read the work translated with the title "Game, set, match. Borg, Edberg e Wilander, la Svezia del grande tennis". It will be available in bookshops from the end of next May.

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