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"I'll play as long as I'm still willing to work this much, to do all these sacrifices" - Stefan Edberg on leaving tennis. Read the article

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Becker: I was sleeping during Wimbledon 1990 final

Invited to a literature festival at Cheltenham, England, to promote his new book, Boris Becker met the media and, twelve years after the first time, talked once more about his assumption of sleeping pills in the early '90s.

As vintage tennis fans and long time readers of this website will know, the German revealed this hard moment of his life in his 2003 autobiography "Boris Becker - The player". To stand the pressure of the expectations of an entire nation, Becker abused sleeping pills for five years in his professional career and this addiction, in his words, influenced the result of his 1990 Wimbledon final against Stefan Edberg.

At the Times Forum in Cheltenham last Monday, the former world number one recalled that period of his life.


Elias Ymer will train with Federer thanks to Edberg

from The Challenge (Arnesen-Tennis)
by Jonas Arnesen
translated into English by Mauro Cappiello

Elias Ymer with Roger Federer and Stefan Edberg after a Wimbledon practice session (picture opencourt.ca)

Elias Ymer will probably live the greatest adventure in his life. After the SkiStar Swedish Open tournament, the 19-year-old from Sweden will take part in a training camp with Roger Federer.

- It's great and it will be great to learn from the best of all time, says Elias.

During Wimbledon, the Swedish future hope had the chance to hit with Federer before a match and the 17-time Grand Slam champion liked what he saw in Elias, who will now be the sparring partner of the world number two in a three-day camp in Zurich.

- It was Stefan (Federer's coach, Stefan Edberg) who asked me, says Elias who obviously did not need thinking twice before saying yes.

- I have two weeks off after Båstad. Roger is the greatest in history and to have the opportunity to train with him is amazing. When Stefan texted me at Wimbledon and asked if I could hit with Roger the day after I felt both amused and nervous. When we stood there, I thought, "Hey, I am standing and hitting balls with Roger Federer that I saw on TV thousands of times."


STE...fans turns 14 with 50,000 Facebook likes

by Mauro Cappiello

STE…fans celebrates its 14th anniversary today and like last year we didn’t receive the gift of seeing Stefan Edberg win another Wimbledon trophy, as Roger Federer’s coach, but we were rewarded hitting the amazing target of 50,000 fans on Facebook.


Sweden hopes in Mikael Ymer for more Wimbledon glory

by Mauro Cappiello

Stefan Edberg with Mikael Ymer, winner of the 2014 scholarship awarded by the SE Foundation

In some years from now, Sweden will recall the 2015 edition of Wimbledon not only for the massive presence and good results of home coaches (Edberg, Bjorkman, Norman), but also for what might be one of the early signs of a Swedish tennis reinassance.

The sixteen-year-old Mikael Ymer played the final of the junior event, losing in straight sets to American Reilly Opelka.

Mikael, younger son of 19-year-old Elias Ymer who has already got a world singles rank of number 132, only realised at the very last moment he had missed the deadline to join the tournament, so the All England Club decided to give him a wild card into the main draw. He exploited this opportunity reaching the Championship match without losing a set along the way.


Becker again beyond the (unknown) limit

by Mauro Cappiello

Ops, Boris Becker did it again... Like his first autobiography, published in 2003 and internationally known with the title "The Player", also his new book has raised a lot of reactions.

In the blosson of the newly extended grasscourt season, with only a few days left to the start of the Championships, Becker launched the volume "Wimbledon: My Life and Career at the All England Club." But more than the German's narration of his three trophies and four finals at SW19, what caught the media attention were the book contents anticipated by English daily "The Telegraph", especially his comparisons between today's and yesterday's tennis worlds and some "behind the scenes" connected to his new role as coach of Novak Djokovic.

If one may agree that today's players are limited by too many rules preventing them from being themselves on court, fans and commentators were left wondering about the need of the German's comments on the relationship between the current world number one and Roger Federer.

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