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"When I got my Wimbledon win I had to open the dance at the gala night. I'd rather serve three double faults in a row than do such a thing again." - Stefan Edberg about what he hates the most doing. Read the article

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No Kings of Tennis for Edberg

by Mauro Cappiello

Stefan Edberg during last year's edition of the Kings of Tennis

For the first time since the event was established in 2012, this year Stefan Edberg will miss the Kings of Tennis, the Swedish stage of the ATP Champions Tour, that will be held in Stockholm from March 18th to 20th.

With less than a month left to the tournament, the player field of six legends is already complete.

14-time Grand Slam champion Pete Sampras made the organizers happy, accepting to play at the Stockholm Waterfront Congress Centre for the first time, but the crowd will surely miss the presence of Stefan Edberg, winner of the event in 2013 and runner-up last year.

The reason for Stefan's default is probably the date of the Stockholm Champions tournament that overlaps with the first ATP 1000 Masters in Indian Wells, where Stefan will follow the action of his pupil Roger Federer.


Chatting with the great Stefan Edberg

Nick Matthew, a world class squash champion from England who is one year older than Roger Federer, met Stefan Edberg at the recent Swedish Open of squash played at Linköping from February 3rd to 8th. Matthew, who eventually won that event, had the opportunity to chat with Stefan about the secrets for a long career in sports and wrote about that conversation in a post on his blog for The Star.

from The Star
by Nick Matthew

It was really interesting chatting to tennis legend Stefan Edberg at the Swedish Open.

He’s really knowledgeable about squash and was very complimentary on how well I am doing at this stage of my career. That was nice to hear from somebody who was one of my favourite tennis players when I was growing up. I absolutely adored him and Boris Becker.

I spoke to Stefan a little bit about the Australian Open and Roger Federer, who he now coaches. It was fascinating to chat to Stefan about Federer, who is 33-years-old, a year younger than me.

His two keys to prolonging your career which he’s trying to work on with Federer is keeping that freshness but also keeping the speed.

Stefan retired at the age of 30. He didn’t really have much of an off season during his career. He pretty much had a couple of weeks off every year and then went straight into the next season. After playing on tour for 10 years, that caught up with him.


50 shades of Stefan Edberg for Barilla

One of Stefan Edberg's funniest expressions in the Barilla advertising campaign of 1991

Stefan Edberg's favourite course may be fish and chips, but he is also a great fan of pasta.

He and Annette were regulars at the De Cecco stand in Indian Wells, but, most of all, in the early '90s Stefan was sponsored by Italian brand Barilla, which is really popular in Sweden.

This short clip from the backstage of the 1991 commercial campaign was posted right on the Barilla Swedish Facebook page and reported to our website by STE...fans' contributor Thuy Anh Nguyen.

People who only knew "Mr Poker Face" Stefan Edberg from his matches would have hardly expected that he could publicly show such an unconventional side of himself off-court.


Stefan Edberg praises Australian teenagers

from Herald Sun
by Leo Schlink

STEFAN Edberg has joined a chorus of grand slam greats singing the praises of Australian teenagers Thanasi Kokkinakis and Nick Kyrgios after the pair’s stunning first-round Melbourne Park wins.

Edberg’s prediction the ‘Special Ks’ could drive each other to the highest honours came as Todd Woodbridge said Kokkinakis was ready to emerge as the ice to Kyrgios’ fire.

Kokkinakis, 18, and Kyrgios, 19, were the toast of the tournament yesterday as the tennis community digested the duo’s gripping five-set triumphs.

Edberg, who won six majors and now coaches Roger Federer, is impressed with both.

"I have not seen as much of Kokkinakis as I’ve seen of Kyrgios, but they are improving quite a bit since last year," the Swede said.

"Obviously, I think it’s great that there are a couple of guys in that age who can compete a little bit with one another.

"Looking at the way they played, they really should be there for the future.


Swedish Golden Age - Stefan Edberg

by Mauro Cappiello

The third part of our English anticipations of "När vi var bäst", the book on the Golden Age of Swedish tennis, is focused on Stefan Edberg.

In this last excerpt of our "trilogy", Mats Holm and Ulf Roosvald take us back to Stefan Edberg's final Grand Slam triumph, the 1992 US Open.

The chapter called "Artist in a hairshirt" emblematically starts with a Tony Pickard quote. At the beginnings of his collaboration with Stefan, Tony was very unhappy with his pupil's hangdog mood every time things started to go the wrong way.

Winning his sixth Major trophy in gutsy style, the Swede showed he had learned his coach's lesson.

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