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"I'm still having fun playing. But it's not my job. I don't miss competition" - Stefan Edberg on his life after tennis. Read the article

General news

ATP World Tour Uncovered on Edberg and Wilander

from ATP World Tour.com

This week's issue of ATP World Tour Uncovered features Stefan Edberg and Mats Wilander. In this extended version of the "rivalry clip" published a couple of weeks ago by the ATP Champions Tour, Stefan and Mats share their memories of the 1985 Australian Open final, the first and only all-Swedish showdown in a Grand Slam event.

The second part, instead, is on the old legends coming back to the Tour as coaches, with both Wilander and Edberg, along with other greats of the past like Marcelo Rios and Carlos Moya, giving their views about Roger Federer's chances to get back to his top level under Edberg's advice.

The video was filmed in Stockholm, during the Kings of Tennis Champions event in March.


Växjö becomes the first tennis university in Sweden

by Mauro Cappiello

An important agreement was signed on Friday involving the Municipality of Växjö, the Linnaeus University and the Swedish Tennis Federation, that will allow students who apply for the local university to be supported in their tennis activity.

So Växjö university becomes the first tennis university in Sweden.

«This is of course an incredible opportunity for young people to be able to combine study and high level tennis»,  said Stefan Edberg. Along with Magnus Larsson and Carl-Axel Hageskog, Stefan runs the Växjö Climate Arena, that already had an agreement with the Linnaeus University and will be used as technical tennis centre for the project.

The programme will last three years, starting from next autumn, and 700,000 Swedish crowns (some € 80,000, US$110,000) have been budgeted by the Växjö Municipality.


Swedish greats, Edberg better than Wilander

by Mauro Cappiello

Stefan Edberg with Bjorn Borg and Mats Wilander at the night of the number ones

A panel of journalists, tennis experts and former players named by Eurosport.se appointed the best Swedish tennis player of all time. From the start of December until the Christmas eve, a name each day was revealed, starting from the bottom of a top-24 ranking.

As no surprise, Björn Borg was the winner. With his 11 Major titles (5 consecutive Wimbledons and 6 straight French Opens, plus three French/Wimbledon doubles), Borg was not only the most successful of the Swedes, but also an inspiration for those who came in after him and the starter of the golden generation of the 70s-80s-90s that collected 24 Grand Slam titles and 7 Davis Cups in 24 years.

More interestingly, 7 Slams compared to 6 and a positive head-to-head record (11-9) were not enough for Mats Wilander to be placed in front of Stefan Edberg, who took the second spot.


Edberg backs Robson over decision to cut ties with coach

from Cityam.com
by Frank Dalleres

Stefan Edberg with his coach Tony Pickard (picture by Tob Gonsch)

BRITAIN’S Laura Robson has made the right decision in jettisoning a third coach in 18 months, according to former world No1 Stefan Edberg.

The Swede, who won five of his six grand slam titles under British coach Tony Pickard, believes Robson, 19, can improve by focusing on honing her strengths rather than trying to eliminate her weaknesses.

Robson parted ways with Andy Murray’s former aide Miles Maclagan last week, just four months after joining forces. That followed a nine-month spell under Croatian Zeljko Krajan.

"Maybe having a lot of coaches isn’t the best situation but, equally, if you stay with the wrong person and do not make a decision that is probably worse," Edberg said.

"People often talk about how you should work on your weaknesses. For me it was the forehand from the baseline. But I was more concerned with strengthening my strengths."


Modern technology makes entry in Växjö tennis

from Smålandsposten 
by Sven Elofsson
translated into English by Mauro Cappiello

Stefan Edberg poses with the PlaySight Smart Court device installed in the Södra Climate Arena

SMART COURT. What do London, New York and Växjö have in common in tennis? The answer is all three have got winners in the Grand Slam tournaments, but now also PlaySight Smart Court, a technological system, currently being installed at the Södra Climate Arena.

«If we want to be at the forefront as development center, we must take on the best devices available», says former pro Magnus Larsson. He and his colleagues in Ready Play Tennis Carl-Axel Hageskog and Stefan Edberg have just had visits by Israeli company Play Sight that installed computers and cameras in the hall.

Roughly speaking, it is possible to do the following: four cameras are placed on the four corners of the tennis court and one main camera in the middle of one side. Players log in the computer systems. Each shot on the court is  recorded automatically through the cameras of the computer. Throughout the session you know if your serve is inside or outside the lines, the speed of your serves and other data. After finishing the match, you go to a 3D screen for analyzing the data. You can see yourself playing on the monitor and you'll get more statistics than the ones reported on the TV screen after the pro tour matches.

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