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"It has been my choice, I just felt I should do it. And do you know why? I didn't want to stay all day on a court to hit balls" - Stefan Edberg on how he started playing serve and volley. Read the interview

Senior exhibitions and tournaments

The champions are still on fire

from Neue Westfälische
by Jörg Fritz
translated into English by Mauro Cappiello

Navratilova and Stich win in front of 10,000 fans against Edberg and Myskina

Halle. Three Wimbledon champions stood on the Centre Court, for the Champions Trophy in 2012, the opening of the 20th Gerry Weber Open in Halle. Some 10,000 spectators were amazed about the still present form of Martina Navratilova and her partner, Michael Stich, and Stefan Edberg, who played with the 2004 French Open champion, Anastasia Myskina (30).

With an ace the 43-year-old Stich converted his second match point to a 5:7, 6:2, 10:8 victory for the German-American team, which had to struggle only in the early stages with some coordination problems. 55-year old Navratilova had expected these difficulties «as Michael does not often play mixed doubles".

Navratilova, who won 18 Grand Slam singles titles during her long career, was active on Saturday at the French Open in Paris, as she played in the legends final. Edberg (46) had been preparing for his first appearance in Halle even on grass in an exhibition match in his country against compatriot Magnus Larsson.


The show of the legends

from Match Point
translated into English by Mauro Cappiello

The eternal rival

Stefan Edberg especially liked to annoy a German

He's the man Boris Becker never liked to welcome to what was called his "backyard". In 1985 and 1986, the player from Leimen had won the All England Championships. In 1988 Becker was back to the final - but this time his opponent was called Stefan Edberg. After four sets he left the place of the winner to the Swede. It was Becker's first defeat on Wimbledon Centre Court, which he had renamed his "backyard" after his triumphs.

Two more years Edberg and Becker dominated the international grasscourt tennis in particular. Becker won the rematch in 1989, but Edberg kept the last word at Wimbledon. In 1990, for the third consecutive Wimbledon final of the two exceptional tennis player, Edberg defeated Becker in five sets.

After two victories at the Australian Open (1985, 1987) and the Wimbledon victory in 1988, it was Edberg's fourth Grand Slam title. Two more U.S. Open successes (1991, 1992) would follow. Only a success at the Gerry Weber Open Stefan was never allowed. In 1996 an injury prevented him from a debut in Halle. He'll catch up at this year's "Champions Trophy" at Anastasia Myskina's side, the 2004 French Open champion. "I've heard so many positive things about the Gerry Weber Open. It's a great tournament, so I am happy I can finally play there", said Edberg.


Martina Navratilova/Michael Stich vs Anastasia Myskina/Stefan Edberg

from Gerry Weber Open Magazine
translated into English by Mauro Cappiello

Pure Tennis nostalgia. For years they have inspired the masses and on June 10th four former world class players will meet at the Gerry Weber Stadium in a star-studded mixed duel.

It will be a meeting of sports legends, who stand as the best tennis players of all time: for two decades Martina Navratilova dominated the stage and coined the term "women's tennis". The native Czech retired only five years ago from professional sports and is now back for her debut in the Champions Trophy at Michael Stich's side.

Germany's former tennis star won Wimbledon in 1991 and three years later was the first German winner of the Gerry Weber Open.

On the other side of the net there is someone whose spectacular and elegant serve and volley game was legendary. Stefan Edberg clinched six Grand Siam triumphs and was the world number one for 72 weeks. The former international star rarely appears in Germany, so his participation is even more remarkable.

He his joined by Anastasia Myskina from Russia. The 30-year-old from Moskow was among the absolute world leaders eight years ago and reached the second place as her highest WTA world ranking. She obtained her greatest success in 2004 with the title at the French Open, and in her career, she celebrated ten WTA singles victories and five doubles titles.


Halle 2012 - Where my dream came true

In Halle, after the Champions Trophy, we managed to give Stefan Edberg the special screenshot of our website. Report and pictures of the event.

Edberg: from dream to reality
I was interviewed by Riccardo Bisti of TennisBest.com and had the chance to talk about my meeting with Edberg and the history of STE...fans.

"Tell me, Stefan, tell me when"
After hours and hours watching Edberg in tv in her teenage days, German fan Grit Steinweller had her first time live in Halle. She shared her feelings with us.


Superstars inaugurated KTK's new grass courts

from Fördel Karlskrona
by Gert Friberg

Absolute Wimbledon class on court with stars Stefan Edberg and Magnus Larsson.

In an almost fairytale summer, the grass courts were inaugurated on Saturday June 9th. Stefan Edberg and Magnus Larsson came in for tennis entertainment and showed up superb grass tennis for an audience of 300.

Stefan Edberg cuts the ribbon to inaugurate the first two grass courts in Sweden at the Karlskrona TK

“I think all members of the KTK should feel proud”, said Edberg, who also took the opportunity to praise the facility in its entirety. “The outdoor courts are among the best in Sweden", said Edberg. "At least visually”, added Stefan, because he had not tested them yet.

VIP lunch began
The inauguration started with a VIP lunch on court  two inside the tennis center where sponsors and donor members were invited for an excellent buffet. Club manager Sophie Alriksson informed about the project and that the primary purpose of the grass courts is to invite members and visitors guests for something special and fun. They may also be of interest for elite players to come for training before the grasscourt tournament season.

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