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"People always want autographs, I just wonder what they do with them. When I was 11, Jens and Erwin Velasquez, the world freestyle Frisbee champions, came to Vastervik to play an exhibition, and I waited in line for their autographs. Actually, I've still got them" - Stefan Edberg on tennis fans. Read the article


Tennis Champion Edberg Bets on Bonds at Case

from Bloomberg.com
by Danielle Rossingh

May 25 (Bloomberg) --
Stefan Edberg won six Grand Slam singles titles thanks to an aggressive serve-and-volley style. The Swede is taking a more careful approach when it comes to investing as he bets on bonds.

Edberg, 45, retired in 1996 with 42 singles titles, four Davis Cups and an Olympic bronze medal. The Hall of Famer, a former No. 1-ranked player who earned more than $20 million during his tennis career, now manages most of his wealth himself and is a part-owner and board member of Stockholm-based investment company Case Asset Management, which manages 5 billion kronor ($800 million).

"I retired and suddenly, I had a lot of time," Edberg said in a telephone interview from Vaxjo, where he lives with his wife and two teenage children in a farmhouse about 275 miles south of Stockholm. "I didn't have to train three to four hours every day. That's really where the interest in investing started."

Case, which Edberg co-founded with Swedish investors Bo Pettersson and Fredrik Svensson, in January introduced a Nordic corporate bond fund called Safe Play, which manages 750 million kronor. Together with Swedish bank Sparbanken 1862, Edberg has invested 50 million kronor in the fund, which is mainly focused on Nordic corporate loans with high credit ratings.

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Stefan Edberg: I will sponsor Växjö

from Aftonbladet.se
by Hans Abrahamsson
translated into English by Mauro Cappiello

Stefan Edberg seems to be interested in sponsoring the hockey team of the city where he lives in Sweden, who is likely to compete in the Major league next year

Tomorrow, Växjö can secure a premier division place.

And now multi-millionaire and former tennis star Stefan Edberg, 45, will go in and sponsor the new team.

"In all probability it will be so", said Edberg to Sportbladet.

Stefan Edberg is one of history's most distinguished tennis player. Whe he quit tennis, he has opted for a career as a financier - and he has been successful also in the business world.

According to the online magazine of sport business, today he has a fortune of 500 million kronor (55,5 million euros, ann.).

The two-time Wimbledon champion is now willing to bet some of those money on the Lakers.


Ex-tennis star nets a fortune

from Sunday Times
by Alexandra Goss

Fame and fortune. Stefan Edberg talks to Alexandra Goss. The former world No1 is applying his winning attitude to fund management.

STEFAN EDBERG is a former world number one tennis player who has now set out to dominate the fund management industry. In a professional tennis career spanning 13 years, Edberg, who is Swedish, won six Grand Slam singles titles and three Grand Slam men’s doubles titles.

Apart from John McEnroe, he is the only player to have been ranked number one in both singles and doubles. By the time he retired from the professional circuit in 1996, Edberg, 45, had netted himself more than $20m (£12m) in prize money. A desire to take control of his winnings led him to set up Case Asset Management in Stockholm in 2004, along with former hedge fund managers Bo Pettersson and Fredrik Svensson.

The company launched its Safe Play fund in January, which invests in Nordic corporate bonds, an area in which it became heavily involved during the financial crisis. Edberg lives in Vaxjo, southern Sweden, with wife Annette, 45, and their children Emilie, 17, and Christopher, 14.


Stefan Edberg: why I swapped tennis for finance

from CityWire.co.uk
by Philip Haddon

19 years ago Stefan Edberg beat Pete Sampras in the US Open to win the sixth and final Grand Slam tennis title of his career - but now, he tells Citywire, he is looking to beat the fund management competition with his firm Case Asset Management.

He set up Stockholm-based Case along with former Catella hedge fund managers Bo Pettersson and Fredrik Svensson in 2004, having developed a taste for financial markets when he ended his tennis career with total winnings of more than $20 million.

'I had no interest in investing at the beginning of my career, but after I started being successful I wanted to take control of my own money and life: that's how i got involved and interested,' Edberg, who is now based just outside the city of Växjö, said.

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Stefan Edberg: "This is how I got rich with shares"

from Dagens Ps.se
translated into English by Markus Zacharski

The former tennis professional Stefan Edberg is good for many hundred millions (Swedish crowns). In the latest issue of the newspaper "Aktiespararen" he unveils his investment strategy.

Stefan Edberg brought in 20 million dollars during his career 1982-1996 and is devoted to manage his increasing stock portfolio about 20 hour a week. Motto is: long-range planning and distribution of risk. Edberg has an annual increase of 10 percent.

"That may sound modest but in times of low inflation this is totally sufficient so that I can ensure the future of myself and my family long ahead", he says to Aktiespararen and adds that the whole capital shall give this profit, not only shares.

Regarding shares in the portfolio, the 41-year-old Stefan Edberg places - according to the formula 100 minus own age - about 60 percent shares. 40 percent of these shares lie in foreign companies, in both different markets and currencies.

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