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"It is fantastic and I can't believe it. It still hasn't sunk into my system yet" - Stefan Edberg straight after winning his first Wimbledon title. Read the article


Federer: no specific work on defense after Edberg

During Roger Federer's second round match with Dolgopolov at the Australian Open, the press noticed a particularly good performance by the Swiss on the defensive side and tried to solicit him on this point in the media room.

The 17-time Major winner said he has worked on defense as well in the offseason, but denied he has done a specific preparation on this aspect of his game, confirming (like he had already done before the Australian Open) that his training routine has not changed since Stefan Edberg's departure from his team.

«I like to work on my strength most of the time, the offensive part of my game, serve and volley, taking the forehand early, you know, using my backhand as a variation,» replied the Swiss.


Federer: I still miss Stefan Edberg

Stefan Edberg with Roger Federer at the 2015 Australian Open

Roger Federer is no longer working with Stefan Edberg, but still speaks with great affection of the period with the tennis legend in his team. The Swiss, who advanced to the third round of the Australian Open with a victory in straight sets over Alexandr Dolgopolov, talked about Stefan in the post-match media conference.

"Well, I have gotten used to Ivan Ljubicic now being on the team for the last month or so. It's not that different anymore like it was in the beginning. But it was always special, of course, looking up to the player box and see Stefan there. It's always been kind of surreal to have his support. So we had a very cool experience," said Federer.


Vote your best Fedberg moment

Now that the partnership between Stefan Edberg and Roger Federer has come to an end, it’s time to look back at the best moments of them together.

Over these two years on the Tour, they left us a lot of memories to treasure.

So, consider it our Christmas present, we will propose a poll in which you will be able to choose your favourite Fedberg moment.

Following the pagination below, you will find 5 commented options in chronological order, that we accurately selected browsing the Fedberg section of our news on STE…fans and considering the posts that you have more appreciated in terms of hits and likes on our social networks.

Once you have reached the last page, you can vote and comment your favourite one!


«Stefan Edberg will still give me feedback»

from BBC Sports

In a conversation with BBC Sports, Roger Federer specified how his relationship with former coach Stefan Edberg will evolve in the future. «The working relationship I had with Stefan was incredible, I loved every moment of it, - said the Swiss - but the feeling I get is he is still in the team: he still wants me to do well, he will still come and visit me on the Tour, he'll still follow my matches and he'll still give me feedback if I want, which I think is wonderful.»

Roger confirmed that the agreement with the Edberg ended for the Swede's family reasons, making clear that also his previous coaches like Annacone and Roche had a family and «it's important for them to understand that aspect as well.»


Gilbert: N.3 and 11 titles not enough for Federer

Former Andre Agassi's coach and current Espn analyst Brad Gilbert gave his view on the Federer-Edberg split from the point of view of the Swiss.

The American thinks that the choice of Ivan Ljubicic can be framed into Roger's target of beating Novak Djokovic in the big matches, something that he has failed doing in the Stefan Edberg era.

«Ths just shows how Federer, beyond having an amazing year at 34, is still trying to do better. He is not satisfied with being number three in the world and winning 11 titles. He didn't win a Major, I think he still thinks that he can," said Gilbert in a phone conversation with Adrianne Lawrence during the Espn sports news.

The Croat should help the 17-time Major winner with new and fresh ideas. «Ljubicic is a little younger than Stefan, lives in Monte Carlo and is a little closer to today's players. Roger must think he can bring something to the table, strategy-wise, to beat Novak».

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